free advice

All I asked for was the help you been recommending

Empty pockets retract this intervention you keep defending

That you exalt for its euphoria and push into a need

Making it sound like its best if I heed

Artificially caring that I will recover

For as long as my insurance and your wallet remain lovers

You look down on my praying instead of relaying

That day that they died that God wasn’t (smiling, relieved) playing

He wants me to see Him and nobody else

To lift this soul higher and restore my breath

He’s got my back so I’ll keep him first

Especially what to man may seem the worst

I know you’ve seen many people

Who talked about their inner evil

I’m torn about why I just can’t

Been made to feel smaller than an ant

Floods of people all with issues

No one wants to pass the tissue

Let me cry and let this out

So I can get real strong and shout

This testimony that was given to me

The day the Lord saved me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Score from 15 to 20: Your quality of life is severely impaired by psychological concerns, including emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal components. It is strongly recommended that you seek help from a professional therapist at this time......

I just noticed how all the resources offered to me as help have been blocked, thank goodness i still have the Lord.....

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such beautiful poetry from such beautiful girl :) cheers to the brightest fairy around here!

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Powerful, very powerful