How Could They?

I heard the words come to me in what seemed like a dream.

Then they came again and I realized this was reality.

Thinking about what has happened in the past and the trust we put into her, it all seemed so surreal.

Their falsities shone through and their arrogant, selfish, awkward ways were in the limelight of the demise we knew we would put them through.

I couldn't help but think of a burning flame and imagine it as the end of the problem.

The ones that caused this mess--three self-conscious, copiers of idealists, and downright outcast people we used to call our friends,

Whom are also considered citizens of America,

And to be human beings--with hearts, lungs, and eyes--

All of which are used to love and see.

How can these things be so careful and delicate one moment,

But when the prize rolls in it seems a knife is thrown at a dartboard?

The prize in this case being the one who has caused all of turmoil we know today as hurt, pain, agony, and destroyed friendships--

That isn't out looking for one of these three "things".

But instead solemnly and quitely yet intrusively shadows the one who nurses all the battlewounds: me.

My over-all resulting point is this--

Hold them as close as you would a brutal fire.

Because your last words before they try to burn you will be...

"How could they?"

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