Monthly Archive for August 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
THE WISH Poem elche Aug 22nd
TEACHER Poem elche Aug 22nd
The Unread Letter Poem elche Aug 22nd
CRYING ANGEL Poem elche Aug 22nd
My Gold Poem elche 1 Aug 22nd
For Mike Poem ers Aug 22nd
Made Our Sound Poem ers Aug 22nd
Me Poem ers Aug 22nd
Black sheep Poem follow_the_knyht Aug 22nd
Rape(a friend poem) Poem geneconner2008 Abuse Aug 22nd
under the stars Poem geneconner2008 romance Aug 22nd
بدر التمام Poem hamsa Aug 22nd
سامحيني Poem hasnaouilazhar Poetry/Writing Aug 22nd
O... la la la la Poem hasnaouilazhar Poetry/Writing Aug 22nd
"The Simple Things" Poem honey811 1 Aug 22nd
RELEASE OF LOVE'S ARROW Poem kittymonkey Aug 22nd
The Perfect Daughter. Poem leannefosho jealousy Aug 22nd
Bloody Roses Poem lonelymemories 1 sadness Aug 22nd
Fading Away Poem lostandalone death Aug 22nd
Memory Poem lostandalone Aug 22nd
Going To Wear A Smile. Poem lovelymissrai Aug 22nd
[L.O.S.T] Poem lovelymissrai Aug 22nd
Go. Leave. Poem lovelymissrai Aug 22nd
Black Cat Boyfriend Poem nagelmodel 1 Breaking Up Aug 22nd
Whom is the Richest Quoted? Poem nagelmodel Abstract Aug 22nd
Family infection Poem Nate Aug 22nd
Indolence Poem pluguan Bittersweet Aug 22nd
* Speacil Dedication * Poem poetvg Aug 22nd
Song Lyrics "Mommy's Little Girl" Poem mibella_jeze Aug 22nd
"Anon" Poem The1TrueMojo 1 Addiction Aug 22nd
Annie, Please. Poem tin_foil_tiaras Aug 22nd
Oh, Really? That's Not All Your Want From Me? Liar. Poem tin_foil_tiaras Aug 22nd
Those Damn Pretty Couples Poem tin_foil_tiaras Aug 22nd
I Will Know Your Love ~ Lyrics Poem unrulyspring Aug 22nd
Thoughts By Maya Angelou Poem unrulyspring Aug 22nd
The Test Poem wsusnowbunny Pain/Sorrow Aug 22nd
kissing you Poem wsusnowbunny Kiss/Kissing Aug 22nd
Untitled -- 8.22.2005 Poem wsusnowbunny Anger NonViolent Aug 22nd
Ready for a Change Poem wsusnowbunny romance Aug 22nd
I Thought I was Dead Poem bhurt 1 Being Loved Aug 23rd
Undressed Poem brokenfairy Aug 23rd
Sexual exploration (collab Kevin and Kim) Poem cerebral_orgazm Aug 23rd
Hesitation Poem cerebral_orgazm Aug 23rd
Secrets Told Poem deathflavoredgum 1 Aug 23rd
Scribbles from '73 Poem djtj Aug 23rd
Returning Me Poem dreayeya Abstract Aug 23rd
very pretty Poem geneconner2008 Aug 23rd
Stars in ur eyes Poem geneconner2008 Aug 23rd
"LOST SOULS" Poem honey811 5 Aug 23rd
Untitled 71 Poem hushbaby Aug 23rd
Runaway Sweet Child Poem jelli_jam26 Aug 23rd
Road Trip Poem jelli_jam26 Aug 23rd
Alone Poem jelli_jam26 Aug 23rd
A Different Part Of Me Poem joelcarter_86 Change/Transition Aug 23rd
Slow Let Down Poem joelcarter_86 Anger NonViolent Aug 23rd
Stillness of the Night Poem keleia Spirituality Aug 23rd
demonic teddy Poem kinky_dominatrix 1 Aug 23rd
hehehehe.... Poem kinky_dominatrix Aug 23rd
Victim In The Night Poem kinky_dominatrix Aug 23rd
THE LEVITY OF JESUS Poem kittymonkey 1 Aug 23rd
Fairy Tale Ending Poem lcprettiboi83 Aug 23rd
My refuge Poem lostinsoul Aug 23rd
The Life I Know Poem lovelymissrai Aug 23rd
Am I A Mistake? Poem lovelymissrai Aug 23rd
silence in your soul Poem nomes2riches Aug 23rd
The Wild Poem DarkStatic Weather/Environment Aug 23rd
h...a... Poem oh_so_odd Aug 23rd
"baby, ...hell yes" Poem oh_so_odd Aug 23rd
So im dying.... Poem organik Aug 23rd
Lies Poem organik Aug 23rd
Blood Poem organik Aug 23rd
Things in life u just cant Poem organik Aug 23rd
many Words Poem organik Aug 23rd
With You Poem organik Aug 23rd
Time of pain Poem organik Aug 23rd
Your not where i need u Poem organik Aug 23rd
My heart Poem organik Aug 23rd
Burning every moment Poem organik Aug 23rd
She told me to hurt me Poem ozzypoemgirl Pain/Sorrow Aug 23rd
I Choose to Ignore Ignorant Idiots Poem pamschwetz 2 Aug 23rd
"Living In The Dark" Poem passionaterider 1 Aug 23rd
"Just Tell Me What Your Afraid Of" Poem passionaterider Aug 23rd
"Dream Ride" Poem passionaterider Aug 23rd
"Fantasy Of Your Flesh" Poem passionaterider Aug 23rd
"Last Dance" Poem passionaterider 2 Aug 23rd
"Til The End Of Time" Poem passionaterider Aug 23rd
"Happy Thanksgiving" Poem passionaterider Aug 23rd
"From The Start" Poem passionaterider 1 Aug 23rd
"Don't Be Afraid" Poem passionaterider Aug 23rd
"Love Gone Bye" Poem passionaterider Aug 23rd
"Lovers Fire" Poem passionaterider 1 Aug 23rd
Walking By Faith Poem pgeihm 1 Music/Musician Aug 23rd
If Only Poem phaloola 1 Abstract Aug 23rd
Duo collection of short prose Poem professor romance Aug 23rd
the darkness deep inside Poem saggi 1 Aug 23rd
only Poem saggi 1 Aug 23rd
the cutter Poem saggi 1 Aug 23rd
Euphoria... Poem sing4u Other Aug 23rd
Untitled -- 8.22.2005 Poem tonanzith choices Aug 23rd
YESTERTHEN Poem trivking64 Angst Aug 23rd
FUDGE IT,HEE HEE! Poem trivking64 Comedy/Humor Aug 23rd
Disguise Poem wisdomscry Aug 23rd
Touch Me Lord Poem word_man 1 Aug 23rd
Did You Care? Poem beautifulpain 6 Aug 24th
Horrible Plans Poem beautifulpain 3 Aug 24th
Jonathon, Given of God Poem bluestar Aug 24th
Testimony: Of Waking Nights Poem bluestar Endurance Aug 24th
gram of glory Poem bobby_2825 Aug 24th
World gone Wrong Poem bobby_2825 Aug 24th
In the Heat of a Stormy Night Poem bobby_2825 Aug 24th
Darkness Welcomed Poem ers Aug 24th
For Me Poem ers Aug 24th
Vulgar Vengance Poem ers Aug 24th
Carry Me Poem exthias1983 Faith Aug 24th
Worth what I died for Poem fighter4life 1 religion Aug 24th
Rhythm & Blues Poem geministar 1 Bittersweet Aug 24th
Do I Need Rehab? Poem geministar 1 Aug 24th
Very often Poem geneconner2008 Aug 24th
kill the pain Poem geneconner2008 Aug 24th
when you were 16 Poem gwennalockafer 1 Aug 24th
Captain Costickson for Colonel Majors Poem hhickson Collaboration Aug 24th
Tribute to Harlan Costea Poem hhickson Tributes/Odes Aug 24th
Leann Gets Her Wings Poem hhickson Collaboration Aug 24th
Dear Linda, Poem hhickson Collaboration Aug 24th
Home Again Poem hhickson Collaboration Aug 24th
I DIDN'T SAY THAT Poem hhickson Collaboration Aug 24th
Attention to Orders Poem hhickson Collaboration Aug 24th
Reunion Poem hhickson Collaboration Aug 24th
From You Poem idontlikeyou 1 Aug 24th
Fuck The World Poem idontlikeyou 1 Aug 24th
her life Poem jazzy91 Aug 24th
Capital Asset is Our Ability to Think Poem jgupta 1 Aug 24th
Igniting The Perfume Poem joelcarter_86 choices Aug 24th
UNGUENT FOR SORROW Poem kittymonkey 1 Aug 24th
UNIVERSAL MUSIC. Poem kiwi Fantasies Aug 24th
Skewed Vision Poem ladybug_172001 Self-doubt Aug 24th
All Alone Poem ladybug_172001 Loneliness Aug 24th
First Love Poem ladybug_172001 Lost love Aug 24th
No Hope Poem ladydragus Aug 24th
Motion Poem icifan 1 Aug 24th
Sophomore Slump Poem icifan 1 Aug 24th
I need more Poem Nate Aug 24th
Enough Poem niltak Aug 24th
dead inside Poem niltak 1 Aug 24th
Since I left... Poem niltak Aug 24th
One night stand turns to a life time partner... Poem niltak Aug 24th
True love is untouchable Poem niltak Aug 24th
One Person.. Poem niltak Aug 24th
The thought of you... Poem niltak 2 Aug 24th
You have no heart... Poem niltak Aug 24th
"Z" Poem niltak Aug 24th
Ugly Poem ozzypoemgirl Comedy/Humor Aug 24th
A loney hill flower, a single black rose. Poem phantomsheart Aug 24th
بردية سقطت من كتاب الموتى Poem poet Aug 24th
Poor Napoleon Poem rashmiitz Aug 24th
but not really caring Poem rashmiitz Aug 24th
worth her heaven Poem rashmiitz Aug 24th
Not Poetry Poem rashmiitz Aug 24th
release Poem rashmiitz Aug 24th
I know I can fly Poem rashmiitz Aug 24th
motherfucker Poem rashmiitz Aug 24th
the beauty of youth Poem rashmiitz Aug 24th
same result Poem rashmiitz Aug 24th
All I Can Do Is Say Thanks Poem twilightcaress Betrayal Aug 24th
Halcyon Poem twilightcaress Reality Aug 24th
Bruises Poem twilightcaress Abuse Aug 24th
!!! شفتك على صفحة بحر !!! Poem asaihati Aug 25th
!!! يا لي دهشتي !!! Poem asaihati Aug 25th
HE Wrote in the Sand Poem blumentopf Aug 25th
Earless and Eyeless Poem brokenfairy 1 Aug 25th
Old Man Poem brokenfairy Aug 25th
ARCADE AND CARNIVAL FRONTMAN Poem chris 1 Abstract Aug 25th
Electromagnetic Freedom Poem Cloakedhorror 1 Existence Aug 25th
reality Poem emerald_eyes Abstract Aug 25th
let me Poem emerald_eyes Abstract Aug 25th
my first Poem emerald_eyes love Aug 25th
in the shadows Poem emerald_eyes love Aug 25th
For You Poem ers Aug 25th
the way i love you Poem eternity Aug 25th
you need me. Poem eternity Aug 25th
For Nobody's Dream Poem followinlove inspiration Aug 25th
This time it's my way Poem followinlove inspiration Aug 25th
I love you more Poem geneconner2008 Aug 25th
Me Poem gweny1313 Aug 25th
ما هو الشعر ؟ Poem hasnaouilazhar Poetry/Writing Aug 25th
"Power" Poem honey811 1 Aug 25th
When you Pray for me Poem jesusmyjoy 1 Aug 25th
ONE EYED JACK Poem kittymonkey Aug 25th
The Other Poem kyoksil love Aug 25th
The wish Poem kyoksil Parenthood Aug 25th
Putang Ina? Poem kyoksil Abstract Aug 25th
SOME DAYS Poem ladydp2000 Life/Living Aug 25th
EXPECTATIONS Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Aug 25th
HE TAKES CARE OF YOU AND ME Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Aug 25th
MIRACLES Poem ladydp2000 1 inspiration Aug 25th
GOALS Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Aug 25th
LETTING GO Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Aug 25th
WHEN LOVING HURTS Poem ladydp2000 Lost love Aug 25th
WHEN YOU ARE IN LOVE Poem ladydp2000 love Aug 25th
HE SHALL BE FIRST Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Aug 25th
SOUTH FLORIDA Poem ladydp2000 Nature/Environment Aug 25th
REMEMBER THIS Poem ladydp2000 Life/Living Aug 25th
ON THE RIGHT TRACK Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Aug 25th
BE ALL YOU CAN BE Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Aug 25th
WITH YOU IN MIND Poem ladydp2000 love Aug 25th
THE GIFT Poem ladydp2000 1 friendship Aug 25th
Jewels Poem ladydragus Aug 25th
My silent battle Poem leevmebe 1 Depression Aug 25th
Keep It On The Low Poem lovelymissrai Aug 25th
Someone's Embrace Poem lovelymissrai Aug 25th
قالت له 4 Poem Nibras Aug 25th
Spin Poem DarkStatic obsession Aug 25th
No one can help me Poem organik Aug 25th
Appearance Poem ozzypoemgirl Fury Unleashed Aug 25th
THAT OF THE EMPTIED Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 25th
* Master Of The Darkness * Poem poetvg Aug 25th
A New Chapter Poem ununderstood New Love Aug 25th
Save me Poem xdolliedespairx 1 Music/Musician Aug 25th
You're jealous Poem xdolliedespairx Pain/Sorrow Aug 25th
Love Poem xdolliedespairx 1 love Aug 25th
Short little ditty Poem xdolliedespairx Abstract Aug 25th
Death is your Date (give way) Poem Letty467 death Aug 25th
Seasons Of You Poem 41tulips Aug 26th
She has Beauty Like a Flower Poem bhurt love Aug 26th
Your Picture Poem bhurt 1 love Aug 26th
Waiting for Love Poem bhurt Depression Aug 26th
If I had Talent Poem bhurt Aug 26th
Bad Pattern Poem bhurt 1 Bittersweet Aug 26th
A Mothers Love Poem bhurt 3 family Aug 26th
Above My Pappys Farm Poem bhurt family Aug 26th
OUTNUMBERED Poem chris Aug 26th
SPACE ALIEN Poem chris Aug 26th
FREDDIE: READY FOR BEDIE Poem chris 1 Aug 26th
innocence Poem deathflavoredgum Aug 26th
away Poem emianne86 Depression, Escape, heart break Aug 26th
I love you Poem geneconner2008 Aug 26th
how much I love you Poem geneconner2008 Aug 26th
Lowly Heart Poem grayeyeddame Pain/Sorrow Aug 26th
Assessing a Failure Poem gweny1313 Aug 26th
"IN A VISION" Poem honey811 3 Aug 26th
For A Reason Poem joelcarter_86 Life/Living Aug 26th
الحكي الهمسي Poem karam Aug 26th
Witch Poem ladydragus Aug 26th
There Must Be Something Wrong With Me Poem lilmikey1704 1 love Aug 26th
Worst of Misery Poem lovelymissrai Aug 26th
Thanks mom Poem Nate Aug 26th
Am I playing god? Poem Nate Aug 26th
لأجلي...! Poem Nibras Aug 26th
...قال الخليفة... Poem Nibras 1 Aug 26th
The subject of marriage these days Poem ozzypoemgirl marriage Aug 26th