Let down your ego and let the love pour in

Let go of yourself and see the brightness begin.

Too many people just live the illusion

Walking around in a mixed up confusion.

Things will be better if you just decide

to do away with your pride.

The sunshine blows in and the darkness disappears

and so does the sadness and so do all your fears.

Take your whole life and throw in this twist:

A lot of what you see really doesn’t exist.

The moon is having a strange effect on the tide.

Do away with you pride.

Pride will get in the way when you’re trying to grow.

And make you question the things that you know.

Make you lie to yourself and cut off the flow

of the energy moving through you.

It takes such tiny pieces to make up something large.

And little tiny particles can make an electric charge.

There are so many things out there to find.

And it’s hard to separate your body from your mind.

Don’t lock it up and keep it all inside.

Do away with your pride.

The last thing you need to do is run and hide.

Do away with your pride.

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Jo Brothers's picture

YAY !! love it
This is poem is a passionate plea to humanity .. exceptionally well written with a strong, loving, magical message, desirous of PEACE!;
Release personal egos which drive the war mentality & feeds the illusionary fear cycle
.. May we ALL see the love, peace and joy within us all

Jo x