Tears for the disowned

English poems

I weep for them oh little ones

That society has left to none

For death so cruel has taken away

Their chance of a family to stay

Yet I weep more for those little ones

Who’s only luck is to see this world alone

Who’s lives thankfully were not scorned

To the cruel killing of the unborn

Some were left at the house’s gate

Some brought in by their parents straight

Some brought in by people unknown

Some found in streets on their own

So hard I try to understand

Why they were left out of hand

Yet I thank God for his plans

That He gave this children a living chance

Here I pray that the day will come

When each of these children will find a home

With parents to love them even more

Where a better future for them is in store

But until then here they will stay

And be my children of everyday

I who cannot bear a child of my own

So glad for a chance to love these disowns

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