Something called It

Within the walls you can't even imagine,

The grim secrets it holds, you just can't fathom.

As bright as it shines on the outside,

Inside its so black, you can never hide.

I've never seen such a mask,

Its worn pretty damn well,

You'd think it'd be drinking from the flask,

The way it brings its hell.

But silent this way it comes,

And you won't even know what hit you,

Until you wake up to the silhouette,

You won't beleive the one who got you.

Within those walls lives a deep dark secret,

And a blade so sharp you'll swear you need it.

Once it wakes up and the mask is gone,

You won't be able to fight it for very long.

A scream won't help,

But you can hide what it left,

Ice will calm the welt,

Back in its hole, I think it crept.

What is this creature? This thing I call It?

It never sleeps, and surely it will never quit.

As long as you reside within those quiet walls,

You'll never be able to get rid of it all.

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