Identity Defect


Stimulated by this sweet life threatening disease

I am heavily distorted but I don't give a damn

Travelling through life to the most different beat

The cries of perfection weep to my shell of a body

Begging me to join their league but I shall refuse

A rage of hormones takes me into it's wide open arms

I am a fighter and I won't break under this pressure

The pride of being who I am dismisses any doubt

You can leave now and take your excuses with you

My heart is not something to be easily tampered with

So keep away and nobody will get hurt in this duel

Except maybe me

Shovel deep into my thoughts looking for something

That plainly isn't there for you to seek

Cram uselessness into my mouth to prevent this

Becoming myself and taking control over my shell

This life is more difficult than you imagine it to be

I was dazed and confused until I met me

Now that I have found me I won't let go

Author's Notes/Comments: 

im not sure...i dont even know if it makes any sense venting again i think lol

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