That Day

If I cried until my eyes were blue

would you notice me?

If I jumped and danced all around

would you see me?

If i scremed at the top of my lungs

would you hear me?

or would you run away

like you have everday

theres not much left to say

ive loved you since that day

that day in early december

while I liked you before then too

it was that day before the concert

when it was just me and you.

staring in each others eyes

not needing to say anything

but Ive realized I need to be with someone

whom with I can talk about everything

That day led to alot of heartache,

but alot of learning and growth as well

what doesnt kill you makes you stronger

in a way it helped me when I fell

That day.

I remember it exactly

I know the exact amount of happiness I felt

when you smiled at me,

I also know with how much pain I've dealt

I finally can see

You're not the one I want in all of my heart

But you will still always have a part.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

another poem about tyler, i dont think theyll ever end. i learned alot from him well not from him exactly more from being hurt by him.

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