Monthly Archive for August 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
nymphy Poem thepoetjoseph Aug 9th
My Tao Poem trot 6 Aug 9th
I Come To Him Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 9th
incomplete passage Poem voighdt Acceptance Aug 9th
unfortunate Poem xxbeautiful_nig... sadness Aug 9th
my desire Poem xxbeautiful_nig... 1 Dark Love Aug 9th
Yes, It Seems... Poem amy_howard Lost love Aug 10th
Hanging Poem amy_howard Acceptance Aug 10th
hell's bells Poem angelous 1 Pain/Sorrow Aug 10th
this night to start all nights Poem angelous love Aug 10th
the ring Poem angelous 1 Aug 10th
Dead Girl Walking Poem chachi Aug 10th
THE NEIGHBORHOOD TRIP Poem chris Children Aug 10th
LOST Poem chris Abstract Aug 10th
I WILL BE THERE Poem chris Abstract Aug 10th
Nonsense is Gkrace Poem cry_rain love Aug 10th
Aftermath Poem dakotadarkhorse Breaking Up Aug 10th
So Long Poem ers Aug 10th
Just Am Poem ers Aug 10th
Cry Poem ev1lempyr 1 Aug 10th
Untitled Poem eyesofarunner Aug 10th
Heart In Snow Poem eyesofarunner Aug 10th
I want - I need Poem follow_the_knyht Aug 10th
Will you? Poem follow_the_knyht Aug 10th
"SELFISHNESS" Poem honey811 1 Aug 10th
EXPECTATION OF LOVE Poem kittymonkey 1 Aug 10th
The Flower In The Field Poem kxcell inspiration Aug 10th
High Hopes Poem kxcell inspiration Aug 10th
I Love You! Poem kxcell love Aug 10th
Kalayaan ba ito? Poem kyoksil 1 sadness Aug 10th
Mama, I could have been Poem kyoksil Children Aug 10th
Dream Love, Without a Doubt Poem lovelymissrai Aug 10th
Failing You is my Fear Poem lovelymissrai Aug 10th
حسرةُ بَـــــوح Poem Nibras Aug 10th
Cum 69 With Me! Poem prboggs 2 Sensualality Aug 10th
Do Me, Do Me, And Do Me! Poem prboggs Sexual Aug 10th
ENTRANCING Poem rachela Aug 10th
To my poet Poem rania_esmat Aug 10th
Roses are Red Poem sadpoet love Aug 10th
To Nick. Poem sadpoet In Memory Aug 10th
Destroyed Poem sadpoet Memories Aug 10th
Go Ahead Poem sadpoet Revolution Aug 10th
Isn't Love Supposed to Last? Poem sadpoet Betrayal Aug 10th
The Tavern ch. 4 Poem sadpoet Aug 10th
back to my old ways Poem mibella_jeze Aug 10th
Story of a Cutter Poem mibella_jeze Aug 10th
Lauren Nicole Veitch Poem mibella_jeze Aug 10th
Unnamed Wonder Poem mibella_jeze Aug 10th
Reassuring Jessica Poem spf Aug 10th
Form Of Balance Poem spf Aug 10th
Insight Poem spf Aug 10th
Trench Poem spf Aug 10th
Song-Never Surrender Poem thepoetjoseph Aug 10th
Praise The Cross Of Jesus Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 10th
Tender Hearts Poem unrulyspring Aug 10th
Razorblade God Poem xephornite Aug 10th
Burn Poem xpossessedsoulx confusion Aug 10th
why my broken heart Poem xxbeautiful_nig... Betrayal Aug 10th
one loves nightmare Poem xxbeautiful_nig... Cancer/Illness Aug 10th
...Afraid... Poem xx_drunk_off_yo... 2 Aug 10th
That Girl wont leave my mind Poem converseallstar Short Story Aug 11th
Thank You Poem ev1lempyr Aug 11th
You are everything to me Poem geneconner2008 Aug 11th
My sister and I Poem honey811 3 Aug 11th
At Your Funeral (It Was Mine) Poem joelcarter_86 Change/Transition Aug 11th
Glorious Morning Poem kiss_yo_luck Aug 11th
Dragon's Eyes Poem kiss_yo_luck Fantasies Aug 11th
ON THE LAP OF GOD Poem kittymonkey Aug 11th
Dream of Wings Poem kxcell 1 inspiration Aug 11th
Eating Disorder Poem miss_terious 1 Food Eating Disorder Mental Health Depression Aug 11th
To Be a Friend... Poem niltak Aug 11th
* Peter Jenkins * Poem poetvg 1 Aug 11th
Tears of Time Poem sadpoet 2 Aug 11th
Untitled -- 8.10.2005 Poem sadpoet 1 Song Lyrics Aug 11th
Normality Poem sadpoet Aug 11th
وحشــة الآغــتراب Poem salma 1 Aug 11th
Lies Poem snickers0079p Aug 11th
Far gone Poem snickers0079p Aug 11th
Drops Poem stephanietagle 1 Aug 11th
The Age Of Not Believing (Disney Lyrics) Poem unrulyspring Aug 11th
Today is Called... Poem unrulyspring Aug 11th
Existence Poem xpossessedsoulx Existence Aug 11th
Living In Lies Poem xpossessedsoulx 2 Betrayal Aug 11th
darkness falls Poem xxbeautiful_nig... Suicide Aug 11th
i'd give anything Poem xx_drunk_off_yo... 1 Aug 11th
hush-a-bye-baby (this one's for Kayla) Poem xx_drunk_off_yo... 1 Aug 11th
My-new-best-friend (also for Kayla:p) Poem xx_drunk_off_yo... 1 Aug 11th
Kayla Poem xx_drunk_off_yo... 1 Aug 11th
__To Rania __ Poem alihekal Aug 12th
Después de ayer, antes que maٌana Poem amores Aug 12th
angelic dreams Poem angelous 1 love Aug 12th
seeing through her mirror Poem angelous love Aug 12th
tonight is our night Poem angelous love Aug 12th
THE MOVIE "LABYRINTH" Poem chris 1 Abstract Aug 12th
ONCE UPON A MIDNIGHT Poem chris love Aug 12th
From Womb to Tomb Poem dakotadarkhorse Life/Living Aug 12th
The Parallel Line Between War and Peace Poem dakotadarkhorse 1 War Aug 12th
Statement of a Soldier Poem dakotadarkhorse 1 family Aug 12th
Confession Poem dakotadarkhorse 1 religion Aug 12th
What a Waste Poem deathflavoredgum 1 Aug 12th
Life Poem deethepoet Aug 12th
Engraved Poem eyesofarunner Aug 12th
Ditched Poem fallenangel78 Depression Aug 12th
I am not sure Poem geneconner2008 Aug 12th
Leave me Alone (song piece) Poem grayeyeddame Song Lyrics Aug 12th
The beholder Poem grayeyeddame love Aug 12th
The Forest of my Dreams Poem grayeyeddame 1 love Aug 12th
A Star in the Sand Poem grayeyeddame 2 love Aug 12th
A Kiss Poem grayeyeddame 2 Kiss/Kissing Aug 12th
Beside You (song) Poem grayeyeddame Song Lyrics Aug 12th
Until You Poem grayeyeddame Aug 12th
Can't Get Any Worse (song) Poem grayeyeddame 1 Song Lyrics Aug 12th
For You (song) Poem grayeyeddame 1 Song Lyrics Aug 12th
"CHAKRAS" Poem honey811 1 Aug 12th
"LOYALITY" Poem honey811 1 Aug 12th
Donna Angela Poem jgupta Aug 12th
THIS ONE SO LOVED Poem kittymonkey Aug 12th
HOW DARKNESS WANTS TO KNOW LIGHT Poem kittymonkey Aug 12th
Opened Eyes Closed Minds Poem kxcell 2 inspiration Aug 12th
3:33 Poem kyle_klein Compassion Aug 12th
A thought for me Poem Nate 1 Aug 12th
"Sinking" Poem passionaterider Aug 12th
"Shoreline" Poem passionaterider Aug 12th
"Empty Fill" Poem passionaterider Aug 12th
* The Sweet Melodies Of Love * Poem poetvg 1 Aug 12th
* Crushed Red Roses * Poem poetvg 1 Aug 12th
* WILLA MaY * Poem poetvg Aug 12th
* Sheltered * Poem poetvg Aug 12th
HER CURVED NUDITY Poem profrksingh 1 Tanka Aug 12th
"To Love Another Day" Poem raven_hair 1 Aug 12th
Gentleman of the Sea Poem spf Aug 12th
Forever Poem trot 2 Aug 12th
As The Rain Falls Poem trumpet7 1 inspiration Aug 12th
Hell Poem xxbeautiful_nig... Pain/Sorrow Aug 12th
The Day I Found Out I Had Cancer Poem 41tulips 1 Aug 13th
Cancered Love Poem 41tulips Aug 13th
Mouth Poem 41tulips Aug 13th
Decapitate Poem 41tulips Aug 13th
Ballerina Poem 41tulips Aug 13th
Sex Poem 41tulips Aug 13th
Rapid Waters Poem 41tulips Aug 13th
Cheating Poem 41tulips Aug 13th
Addiction Poem 41tulips Aug 13th
Heaven just isn't dark enough Poem angelous Sin Aug 13th
All Over Again Poem brokenfairy Aug 13th
Too Late for Me Poem deathflavoredgum Aug 13th
How Long Poem deathflavoredgum Aug 13th
Just my Uncle and me Poem fighter4life 3 In Memory Aug 13th
Save me Poem follow_the_knyht Aug 13th
I just want Poem geneconner2008 Aug 13th
Sometimes (song) Poem grayeyeddame Song Lyrics Aug 13th
The Notebook Poem gweny1313 1 Aug 13th
Changes Poem gweny1313 1 Aug 13th
Betrayals Poem gweny1313 Aug 13th
Lost for words Poem honey811 1 Aug 13th
"Bubblegum" Poem honey811 4 Aug 13th
I Want to Be Poem Jalindal Aug 13th
The Change Poem Jalindal death, dreams, Lust Aug 13th
The Seashore Poem jesusmyjoy Aug 13th
Changing Seasons Poem joelcarter_86 Change/Transition Aug 13th
A CLEARING FOR LOVE Poem kittymonkey 1 Aug 13th
I hate you no I love you Poem lilfairygurl Aug 13th
You make me.... Poem lilwinky Soul mates Aug 13th
Can You? Poem lilwinky love Aug 13th
How do you sleep? Poem lilwinky Comedy/Humor Aug 13th
Hot walkin',Sidewalkin', Feet! Poem lilwinky Imagery Aug 13th
Blood Red Moon Poem lilwinky Imagery Aug 13th
Little Bear Poem lilwinky 1 Children Aug 13th
Thought you loved me......... Poem lilwinky Unrequited Love Aug 13th
My Sweet Loving Lad... Poem lilwinky love Aug 13th
Untitled -- 8.12.2005 Poem lovelymissrai Aug 13th
Broken-Hearted Poem lovelymissrai Aug 13th
"Crystal ball!" Poem Nediot Aug 13th
"Lost and Found!" Poem Nediot 1 Aug 13th
Fall Serenade Poem maybethistime Nature/Environment Aug 13th
ثابتَةً.. لا أخطو Poem Nibras Aug 13th
فقط Poem Nibras Aug 13th
كيف أفهم ما تقول..!؟ Poem Nibras Aug 13th
1 Samuel 12:22 Poem nomes2riches Aug 13th
1 Samuel 16:7 Poem nomes2riches Aug 13th
Out of my Mind - GS MEGAPHONE Poem nomes2riches Aug 13th
Dagger Poem DarkStatic Pain/Sorrow Aug 13th
Wishes Poem DarkStatic sadness Aug 13th
Migraines Poem ozzypoemgirl 2 Strength/Courage Aug 13th
SUN, MOON, SYMPHONY Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 13th
ODE TO A STAMMERING BEAUTY Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 13th
I Don't Know Poem poeticdreamer150 Aug 13th
Sound Of Silence Poem poeticdreamer150 Depression Aug 13th
IT IS TIME Poem poetrylover Aug 13th
This Battered Desk Poem rbcwalters Lost love Aug 13th
wip digging and gathering... Poem significance_of_2 Aug 13th
Random Thought of the Day Poem snhobo Aug 13th
Simple Song Poem snhobo Aug 13th
Shaft Poem spf Aug 13th
Rhythmic Thoughts (viii/xii/mmv) Poem tesko Stress Aug 13th
HATE AND LOVE Poem trivking64 Reality Aug 13th
REALIZATION Poem trivking64 Acceptance Aug 13th
THAT FIRST STEP Poem trivking64 Change/Transition Aug 13th
DAY OF RECKONING Poem trivking64 Fury Unleashed Aug 13th
GUILTY TILL PROVEN INNOCENT Poem trivking64 Protest Aug 13th
MY EMPTINESS Poem trivking64 Loneliness Aug 13th
Another Journey Ends Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 13th
nothing really, nobody really knows Poem voighdt Acrostic Aug 13th
Guys Poem 41tulips 1 Aug 14th
Another Love Song Poem 41tulips 1 Aug 14th
fly with the eagles Poem angelous War Aug 14th
mirror, mirror tell her Poem angelous love Aug 14th
a pledge to end all promises Poem angelous 1 love Aug 14th
face to face Poem angelous 1 Pain/Sorrow Aug 14th
dancing in paradise Poem angelous 1 Lost love Aug 14th
knight of honor Poem angelous Aug 14th
fate changer, the avenger of the unavenged Poem angelous Heroism/Heroes Aug 14th
IF I HAD ONE WISH Poem chris Song Lyrics Aug 14th
Lua Poem cry_rain Aug 14th
Pick Up the Pieces Poem deathflavoredgum 5 Aug 14th
For You Poem deathflavoredgum 1 Aug 14th
Sundorne Chavs Poem dragon Memories Aug 14th
Dreams of the Past. Poem dragon 1 dreams Aug 14th
After Seduction Poem dragon 1 Lust Aug 14th
Mistakes Turned Into A Triangle Of Burning Passion Poem eyesofarunner Aug 14th
I think about you Poem geneconner2008 Aug 14th
Kiss Poem geneconner2008 love Aug 14th
watch me.. Poem i_Am_GraziE 1 Aug 14th
medley of my insanity Poem i_Am_GraziE Aug 14th
consider my words... Poem i_Am_GraziE love Aug 14th
medley of my insanity II Poem i_Am_GraziE Aug 14th
i love thee..(a poetry) Poem i_Am_GraziE Aug 14th
my true love romeo... Poem i_Am_GraziE Aug 14th
"Little Firefly" Poem honey811 1 Aug 14th
offering Poem justme4him 1 religion Aug 14th
you are... Poem kayspoems Aug 14th
contemplation Poem kayspoems Aug 14th
I Wish It Was Over. Poem leannefosho Anger Violent Aug 14th
to hold my hand. Poem lovelymissrai Aug 14th
Wait and See Poem lovelymissrai Aug 14th
The Thought Of You Poem lovelymissrai Aug 14th
My first true love Poem madamegiggles love Aug 14th
The Defiling of the Garden Poem icifan Aug 14th
Seminole Poem icifan 1 Aug 14th
Gone Poem miss_terious 3 Pain Sorrow Loss Grief Heartbreak Trauma Mental Health Depression Aug 14th
World's greatest dad Poem Nate Aug 14th
Did you hear that? Poem Nate Aug 14th
Away from you Poem Nate Aug 14th
Do I want to know? Poem Nate Aug 14th
ستحبك.. لا شك! Poem Nibras 1 Aug 14th
The Real Me Poem poeticdreamer150 1 Emotionless Aug 14th
If He Only Knew Poem poeticdreamer150 Breaking Up Aug 14th
Truly Blessed Poem poeticdreamer150 love Aug 14th
True Love Poem poeticdreamer150 love Aug 14th
If Only Poem poetictragedy000 Aug 14th