'05 Medicated Creations*


The day that I searched for the right one ended up being wrong

An impending relationship supplied by a unique mentality

You were deleted once the medication sang your song

My thoughts were never capable of such a disturbing capacity

I am flooding with all this disgusting significance

Although susceptible to everyone and anything,

my mind returns to normal to give myself another chance

Were you okay when you woke up in your dream?

Why didn't you notice me when I was bringing you back to life?

You used to fade away until you met me during your ideas.

You were pulsating everytime you spoke to me from your mental drive

You should have told me that you were in moony distress

I no longer want any of this, please let me be

You helped me once and once was enough

You hurt me once and once is enough

quite an imagination you have been to me.

The decision that was achieved was staggering

I roam the invented path created, not by reality, but by mind.

Floating through dreams to find a way out of this memory

If I'm discovered, and I do wake, I shall never leave myself behind.

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