*NOT COMPLETE YET** Blinded Within


as the light slowly dims

and my voice slowly fails

the all too familiar heartbreak slowly

seeps in through the cracks in my shield.

My mind is awake and it races ahead

my heart threatens to break

my stomach clenches with dread.

his eyes won't open, they seem super glued shut.

his breath is uneven and movement seems unlikely

i feel his forehead, tenderly kiss his lips

he feels like an iceberg so i try to warm him

i start to feel dizzy,

and i think this can't happen to us

this can't be real. it's not true.

it's a lie

it's a lie.

his heart is slowing down

like a blow to my own chest

he can't say a word

i don't know his pain

this can't be his last breath.

his breathing is shallow, he's dying inside

please someone tell me, is he going to die?

i try to deny it, to say he's alive

i feel for a pulse

i think he just died

my heart seems to explode

carrying away my will to live

tears fill my sight

i'm blinded within

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Matchbox 20:

And if you've never heard that silence, it's a god awful sound..

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honey811's picture

I felt such a saddness in this piece, It was beautifully written.