Little girl, I miss you deep purr

With your gentle sweet kitty ways

Caressing your soft silky fur

Enjoying your long languid days

I will miss your bright golden eyes

Waiting patiently at the door

Your deep soothing kitty love sighs

As you warmed the cold entrance floor

Tell me dear what should I do now

with these silly furry old mice

That would always lamd in my shoe

Not just once but more than twice

I am so lost without you

All all your sweet kitty talk

You are not here under my feet

Now when I look down where I walk

I know you fought such a brave fight

Your courageous battle's now over

You are gone from my sight

Our precious time is now done

I know that you can still see me

So high up on that Rainbow Bridge

I miss you, my silly Lucy

Whenever I open the fridge.

You are free from all worldly care

And your endless meadows are green

I can sense that you are still here

Even though you can no longer be seen

One day I promise we will meet

Again and your sweet kitty love

Will shine through, as you softly greet

Me in the bright colors above

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lucy was so young when she came to live with me. She had a very unlovig lifestyle up until that time. Sad to say, just when she was beginning to undertsand that her kitty love was so special to me, she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. She was only 5 when she passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.

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Kristine Snow's picture

Hi Amy,

My cat will (I hope) be 19 on August 8th. She has issues and I am keeping my fingers crossed that she makes it to that milestone. She has been through so much with me and was always there for me. A better listener than most people and much better at giving comfort. Don't tell me she is a dumb animal. I know she understands what I say to her. I read this poem and can so relate....they are friends and family. Kris