The Little Girl Inside

About Someone

When you broke my heart it did not afect me.

instead it affected the little girl inside.

The part of me that is not made of steel.

The part of me that is still alive.

because through all of this pain not all of me was killed.

And while the outside maybe dead to the world the little girl inside still asks one question.


Why did you do it we were a family.

meant to stay together through thick and thin.

so answer the part of me that cares.

Why did you pretend to care?

no matter what you answer the steel will remain.

but the little girl inside may not be so lucky.

but even though it may kill what is left of me please answer the question.

Why did you pretend to care?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is dedicated to my dad... like most of mine are...

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itsmesowhatofit's picture

I'm so sorry for your pain, just remember the love you felt and occasionally close your eyes, embrace yourself and squeeze, the tears that fall will release your heartache and angels will protect you in silent slumber!

Michael K's picture

This poem touched my heart so deeply...and brought tears to my eyes.

I know a woman,who i love dearly,the little girl inside hurt so badly crying out,reaching for anything to ease her pain,she's hurting herself so bad...i'm helpless to save her.

The little boy inside of me..the one not made of steel is being crushed.

The man that i am..the man who needs to portray himself as steel..silently weeps.