His family

He busts his ass to support a family that is not his,

Don't get me wrong he loves those kids.

He works all the time to make sure that they are fed.

The alarm clock goes off, another day he spends at a job he dreads.

This was not the life we wanted, he did not ask for this,

But this is the only life this young man has known.

The facts of life, growing up in a broken home.

All he wants is to give them a good life the best he can,

And do all he can to turn these little boys in to fine young men,

But when the day is over and he goes to bed, he can be proud of himself and all he has done.

He just wishes he had more time to be a normal teenager and have a little fun.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

yeah this one is for you too.....:)

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that ones most definitely about myself, and i am a fine gentleman to be sure...once again, i love the flattery, but happiness is everywhere as well....vier (german for 4)