Why Hold On?

About Someone

Tell me why should i hold on?

After all this time of pain why should i still hold on?

I have held on for what feels like eternity so tell me what stops me from letting go?

It is the simplist thing in the world the thought of hurting you.

No matter what you put me through.

The thought of hurting you feels 10 times worst.

I dont know why I still hold on.

I wonder everyday as the idea wonders through my head but for some reason.

I cant let go.

Ive tried and ive tried and even though my mind tells me to my heart says no.

Even when i look back in time and see all you have done to me i cant let go.

So if you were to ask me why hold on id tell you cause its the simplist thing in the world.

I love you and that is all i have to say...

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I fake a smile just To hide my scars's picture

like the poem.i'm glad you're holding on. don't ever let go. it might lead to hell and destruction. what's life if you have nothing to hold on to??