The Living God

God's Sovereignty

Living proof of The Living God, surrounds you wherever you trod,

The creation itself is proof, that God does exist with all His Truth.

And friend, He is a loving God, comforting you with staff and rod,

He’s the Shepherd from above, guiding us with an awesome love.

Friend, He is a personal God, smiling down upon you with a nod,

He wants to be to you a friend, guiding you personally to the end.

The Lord indeed is a Holy God, for purity and holiness is His lot,

Friend, we are to live a holy life, to reflect our Lord Jesus Christ.

He is indeed a Righteous God, and coming back with an iron rod.

Unrighteousness will be no more, when Jesus reigns forevermore.

And He, my friend, has no façade, simply open The Word of God,

You can read the many pages, where God’s been for many ages.

The Lord, He is a faithful God, and you my friend, He will not cod,

God will never fool you friend, for God, Righteousness is His end.

He is not an overbearing God, your heart He will just gently prod,

As He waits for you to believe, and then His Son, you do receive.

He is a God who died for you, upon a wicked cross for all to view,

And just like The Lord Jesus Christ, we are to be a living sacrifice.

Since He is indeed a loving God; to refuse His Love is rather odd,

But this is what many men do, even though The Lord died for you.

The Lord did die, this is true, but Christ rose again for me and you.

He’s now in Glory, on His Throne, waiting to prepare you a home,

Up in Heaven where you can be, in God’s presence for all Eternity.

So believe in God and Jesus Christ, and you will enter Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©07/2005)

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