My Romeo

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I am not looking for a superhero

Nor am I looking for superman

All I want is my Romeo, who will love me ‘til the end

I want you by my side oh my love

I am not looking for an Adonis

For I’m not a Monaliza

Nor a queen, no I’m not

So why should I look for a king

All I want in my life

Are simple things, simple men

Just like you who cares for me

You’re the one I want

It is you, you’re so true

You’re the one that I’ve been longin’ for

You’re the man of my dreams

You’re my Romeo

You’re my prince

I love you for what you are

Even if you’re not as strong as superman

I love you ‘coz I know

You love me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a song I made for my room mates back in my freshman days in college

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