i need it, just one last time

i say it, like its my only crime

without it, all i do is whine

but you can't sit and dine

i need it, to breathe, i see it, i need it, i'm addicted

i need it, to complete, my self, i'm addicted

and i got to, break free, out of this cage, i'm addicted

and by the time i do it, just a little bit more, a little bit more

until theres nothing left in store,

when i'm laying on the ground, bones ache, body trembling, i'll tell you one last time,

get it under your skin, never let the heart rush in, never going to feel good again, i'll see you in heaven

i need it, to believe, i need it to breath, i'm addicted

i see it, i got it, i will not break free, i'm addicted

can't you see, its so hard, i won't survive, i'm addicted

can't help me, can't save me, can't tell me, i'm addicted

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Shelly Reimers's picture

i loved it idk why but i did, im here in school cryn for no reason other than ur poem i guess i could say thanks but i think im going to be in trouble for disrupting class by bawling the way i am....thanks...haha