O Heavenly Rain


O dark grey heavens, give it your all

Open! - Release the iron floodgates

Of rushing rains and crashing thunders

Send those healing waters rushing down

To a parched and hungry world that thirsts

For the nourishing life only you

Can give down to him and me and them

And all who cry for the mercy of

Your rain

O shrouded heavens, cool the dry ground

With your pounding, seething cleansing rains

As we lift our pleading mouths to drink

Let the swords of angels tear and rent

The dark shrouds to free the cascading

Torrents of great black billowing clouds

That rise above our beseaching hands

We pray thee, O merciful heavens

Please let loose the soothing showers of

Your rain.

O merciful heavens, drench the dust

Of white hot desert sands and fill these

Mud - caked rivers to the very brim

With all that man desires to savor

Let me swim in your cooling blessings

Caressing your refreshing embrace

And be lost eternally down in

Swirling waters of endless oceans

Cleansed forever in the freedom of

Your rain

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it was just pouring last night & it cleaned out the dusty cobwebs that have prevented me from writing for so long.

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Kristine Snow's picture

I love the imagery here. What a wondrous prayer! Rain, while it can cause some damage, certainly heals and gives life.