* Shallow Tears :*( * New Poem

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    :*(            Shallow Tears where are     :*(

                      they  coming from ?

                     Do you see the lady

                   sitting on the park bench

                 eatting her lunch in peace


   is it her the one that is crying these shallow tears!

        but before you got the chance to approach

       her she disappears into a big puff of smoke

            or is it the man that lost his dad


                last week of lung cancer !

             and   refusing to talk to anyone

             holding his pain and shame inside


           Or is it the woman sitting all alone

            chilling under the fine oak tree


         reading a book with the invisble tears

        steady rolling and flowing down her face


    with her fears of not ever being loved by anyone

            she was in need to be cheered up ?

         how  would you approach her?  or would

      you just just pass on by without saying hi

for those shallow tears would someday be the death of her

      if no body ever showed her that they cared  

               & want to be there for her

    a little bit of time out of the day with the one


    you love can change everything but when that person

   is gone and dead you cant take that time back with them

        that is why these shallow tears are so hard

  :*(        to be dried up by just anyone       ;*( .


* Written By GT , July 25 , 2005 About Crying Tears :&(  *



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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

sad but true piece, we should always make time to say a first hello to anyone.The problem is,we've been taught so long not to talk to strangers,but if we did talk,we would find people are not strangers at all,just someone we've not gotten to know yet,someone who may become a dear friend,someone who has needs like ourselves.......