When We Touch

"and sometimes when we touch,

the honesty's too much..."

The fire burns my soul,

Night stalking,

Dark cravings..

When your hands caress my skin,

I feel desire within.

Burning against your chest,

But I know power doesn't rest.

Your touch against my cheek,

And my heart feels very weak.

Kiss me again and its through,

Ode to Passionate about you.

Golden flames of longing too,

Rampage of lovingness is new.

Desperate tugs on clothing here,

Burns of loving on skin appear.

Lust is nothing but the truth,

Lovr is lost within my youth.

"and sometimes when we touch,

the honesty's too much..."

I want to hold you until I die,

Please don't let me cry.

Wrap your arms around me tight,

Hold me one through the night.

Kiss me gently on the lips,

Caress my back with your finger tips.

Your skin feels warm to my hands,

My racing heart knows what it demands.

Picture perfect trust,

Your honesty I love so much.

Trails of kisses down my throat,

Your voice becomes a harmonious note.

I like you when your vunerable and weak,

To find your heart, my own will seek.

With your hand entertwined with my own,

I feel the desire has grown.

Roughly the clothes do escape,

Passion and Ecstacy we do make.

Pain and Power are the end,

Love and Lust are a friend.

And I told you that we wouldn't last,

But I guess you looked straight past.

"and sometimes when we touch,

the honesty's too much."

So as I lay my head upon your chest,

Your heart is beating as we rest.

Bodies curled and twisted too,

When we touch, I fall in love with you....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My passion, my love, the heat of desire and pain; you set me on fire...

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