Choke yourself

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I hope it was perfect wyen she

put out, and i hope she made all

the right noises.

I hope she's pretty with and without makeup, beautiful for

arm candy to show off to your friends, I hope she makes them

jealous like I never fcould. And I hope

she never talks back, and doesn't look around.

I hope she'll make the perfect wife one day, and yo'll be able to not need protection. I hope when you're older she'll give you

more beautiful babies than i ever would have, and

I hope she gives you room to cheat on her

like you did on me.

I hope she'll love you drunk and high

if you do go down that road like i think you will,

and i hope your fiends like her

more than i do, and she never likes them

like I did.

I hope she's a perfect, flawless angel

so she won't ave to go to rehand like

I did. I hope she doesn't cut,

but I think you like that, secretely.

And i hope she's okay with you comparing her, because I know

i never was.

I hope she doesn't even need to bite her tongue. and i hope you don't forget her

like you forgot me.

and i hope you mean it when you

tell her you  love her so you don't

have to deal with your own dishonesty


and i hope you don't have any regrets with her like you did with me. and i hope her breasts are better and more perfect than mine, to touch but never bigger cos that is impossible and you know it, and her lips are perfectly kissable, but

you never felt mine anyways so you can't compare.

I hope you know I meant all that, but I

want you to know

I especially mean it when I say

I HOPE that she gives you a long enough

leash to choke

yourself with.

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To Amanda and mario

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