Footprints in the sand

May be washed from the shore,

And time may wear some memories thin,

But what was once, lives on in the mind,

And time, it's keeper will be,

Friendships come, and friendships go,

So savor every minute,

Knowing that should we ever move on,

There were loving moments within it.


Huellas en la arena

Puede ser lavado de la costa,

Y el tiempo puede llevar algunos recuerdos delgada,

Pero lo que fue una vez, vive en la mente,

Y el tiempo, es la meta será,

Las amistades vienen, y las amistades se van,

Así que disfrutar de cada minuto,

Sabiendo que debemos siempre seguir adelante,

No fueron amantes momentos dentro de ella.


Inspired by Stars




© July 19, 2013


Author's Notes/Comments: 

And please try not to get Alzhiemer's because it complicates it a little.

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Saw it in stars posts

Saw it in stars posts. Thank you for translating via Google. Lovely memorable masterpiece nl1220 and picturisation.I'm  awful at pictures. Good addition to your laurels.