*Untitled 1*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Jut imagen we're at the beach walking under the stars hand in hand 
As the waves crash to the sand 
We are close as can be 
Holding so tight not letting free

Day is turning into night 
The suns warmth is now turning to the moons cold 
And what is left is such a beautiful sight 
Now the dark will soon unfold

So as we watch the sunset rest its eyes 
We hold eachother side by side 
Right now for the first time i see no reason to cry 
Our new feelings there is no reason to hide

Once the stars come upon the midnight sky 
You hold me so close to your heart 
And this makes me no longer to the world want to say good-bye 
For this gorgous moment i never want it to part

As we see a shooting star up above 
I make a wish only God can hear 
That may this one be the man with him i fall in love 
May he help me get rid of my fear 
Let him never push or shove 
Let him instead wipe away this tear

God had sent an angel for just only me 
He has made me understand the reason 
He has let my heart feel and my eyes see 
That i have a man all my own for every season 
Forever we may be 
But for now i have someones love to believe in


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