Parallel ripples in the sand
contain shells,
notes in the sea's music scales


An arcane Sanskrit
is the sandscript.
Holding the conch to the ear
humming Om one hears.


Footnote: William Jones, occupying

judge during the British occupation of India

said "Sanskrit is more perfect than Latin

more copious than Greek and more exquisitely

refined than either."  It has 8 conjugations and

8 declensions. It is the only language whose

characters as written match the pattern of

the syllables' sound vibration. Each syllable

of Sanskrit is said to be linked to a different star.

saiom shriver

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Latin, Greek Hebrew, Aramaic all come from Sanskrit.
There are thousands of examples of this not only in the language
but the culture. Jupiter in Latin comes from Jov or Zeus,
plus pater or father. The day of Jupiter is Thursday.  
20,000 years ago and now, Vedic culture celebrates
Thursday as the guru day or Guruvaar. Thursday is the
day of the guru. Jupiter is the planet of the guru.

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