Parallel ripples in the sand
contain shells,
notes in the sea's music scales


An arcane Sanskrit
is the sandscript.
Holding the conch to the ear
humming Om one hears.


Footnote: William Jones, occupying

judge during the British occupation of India

said "Sanskrit is more perfect than Latin

more copious than Greek and more exquisitely

refined than either."  It has 8 conjugations and

8 declensions. It is the only language whose

characters as written match the pattern of

the syllables' sound vibration. Each syllable

of Sanskrit is said to be linked to a different star.

saiom shriver

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Mocked by Zeus,

thrown down to tartarus;

here our souls weep forever more,


Rarely is this way out open,

this prison to keep us,

but we know it is all a lie


The day shall come when they will invoke our names

and our chains will break and we as Titans

will rise once again to reign on the earth

Author's Notes/Comments: 




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I get on one knee

I get on one knee



and plant a seed


corn squash & bean

“marry me 

Spring and Autumn;

be mine

and I’m 


forever yours,”



Mortal so he comes,

Be it not for his immortal crowned head,

Thorned upon the throes of man and beast.

His eyes fall upon the soul of Hadies world, 

Formed against decapitated ring heads.


Maybe his past soul fell among the rubble of distant times,

Punished by Zeus to see all gaze into his octopian eyes.

Every man fears his stare,

poisoned among those iris hollowed strong,

Like the holes of Christian feet,

Bleeding for eternity among the sin

Of what once was.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on the Greek Mythological creature the Hydra

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Wishing Upon a Polymer

Sometimes I sit alone, among the fire,

Like a Cartesian lover, holding desire.

I wonder what is love at all,

Be it lust or, like a blinded fool,

Is it nothing? Is it like air,

Breathed through despair?

Or something solemn, unkind,


You fly, drowned in the Icarian Sea,

Giddy with joy, soaring curiously.

Oh Daedalus, help me to fly,

Not too close, from the sun in the sky.

Lay me among natures beauty,

In those moments I sit and think of you.



Abaddon, I can't help it,

I have to look at... at...

The Angel of Death,

Destruction and the end.


Greek Appolyon;

Beautiful Art thee.

Satan and Samael;

Equated with...


Conjuring spells,

For malicious deeds.

Abaddon, prince

Ruling the Demons that is.


I love thee pretty sight,

I love thee enormous might.

Governing powers of evil,

Discord, war, devastation.


Abaddon was once a place,

And is now erased.

A place of destruction,

Region of Gehenna.


Associated with the grave,

The underworld and Sheol.

Abaddon and Death together,

Merging as One...


King of the Abyss,

The bottomless pit of Hell.

Appolyon, Abaddon;

Pestilence and destruction hence!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the Demon Abaddon.


The armies stood on fateful shore,

With axes and swords on the fore,

Their sights upon a single ship,

With same words uttered upon each lip,

“Is it he? Has he come?”

Many claim he hath come not

From the earth where man is got,

But the sky where rains hail from.


His father, of forge, fire and of steel,

Hephaestus, maker of lightning’s shrill,

Thrown from heaven by Zeus’ hand,

Cast down the clouds, unjustly damned.

Merciful earth though, saved the lame,

With fruits abundant, blessed his health,

Gave him strength to roam the earth,

To seek purpose in exile’s shame.


On Colchian path, Caucasian mount,

He walked on his way to no end,

To find a body pale on dry dust,

Still flowing with warm crimson blood.

With quick heart rather than quick wits,

He ran close to the dying lad,

Drew sharp steel and slit his wrist,

Then from god dripped golden red.



Strongly armed with clear thought,

Rather than hammer heaven got,

With intentions of truth and peace,

Rather than armoured plate and steel,

Did Just Dykaion march to shore,

To his ship small but

To help him guide the ship’s oars,

To meet the armies of two kings bold.


Landing on barren land between,

He jumped to shore with lightning feet,

Shaking alike land and men,

And with honest speech began:

“Why do brothers stand here, war-armed,

When we all are joined by old blood?

Beyond all petty reason be,

to slash, and slay, and slaughter,

Till blood fill the endless sea.”


To this rightful account

Did the northern king look with fault,

Face full of fury and reproach,

 “Yet when one’s own brother in heart,

did steal your love from loving clutch,

and better yet, flaunt it with happy haught,

do you sit there a stolid dolt,

Or stand and take arms in jolt?”



In silent thought, with conscience loud,

Did Dykaion’s plan Astenos allowed,

To return the fair maiden to rightful land,

That good peace may come at hand.

He bided to see the queen set free,

That war will and would never be,

Then climbed aboard his lonely ship,

And set sail home through sea.


Though heaven’s power was in clasp,

Beyond Cyclopes’ arm and Talos’ hand,

It was through wise word and true heart,

That did Dykaion was hero and man.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first epic poem... actually, my first poem to be posted here. Hope you guys like it :)

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Neptune Junior


I had the magic eye to know that he was there,

to the others, he could have been Thunder.

Pulsing angry heart flashes bright in the ribcage of black smoke.

I feel pathetic, cowering in a splintering vessel.

While Neptune's almighty roar is too loud to hear.

Rope burn stings, and I hold my hands out to the brewing storm.

One deafening plunge of his Staff and cold sharp splatters of rain freeze the pain.


He pulled the short straw, I've always believed.

Submerged to purge the sea of mortal rule,

An eternity of counting sharks but still

he's there enough to see my ship to shore. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is technically Mythology, but oh well.

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