What happened to "good enough"

The Rest

Architecting the end at the start
Arse about face in a rationally grown up kind of way
His future mapped out around the smitten present.

Is this a modern disease?
Women so educated in the “should be” of relationships
Compromise falls victim to the passionate ideal.

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I'll Still Love You 'Til the End

I’ll still love you ‘til the end
Even when you have no clue
Just how much I really do.
Especially when you come home and say,
“You’ve been sitting on your arse all day”

I’ll still love you ‘til the end
When the washing up is left again
I’ll close my eyes and count to ten
After 20 rounds of hide and see
I just want a cup of tea!

I’ll still love you ‘til the end
When the laundry’s piled high
And I feel I cannot lie
I’ll say no, I didn’t do it today
Our baby wanted to draw and play.

I’ll still love you ‘til the end
Even when we don’t agree
And you act like you are only three
You moan and whinge and sulk and pout
And I just want to kick you out.

I’ll still love you ‘til the end
Yes, sometimes it may be tough
You feel like you have had enough
I don’t do “nothing”, I’m not a Bum
I spend all day being a Mum!

I’ll still love you ‘til the end
Someday soon we will have time
All the washing will be on the line
Every chore gets split by half
And we’ll look back on now and laugh.

I’ll still love you ‘til the end
The petty arguments, they won’t win
As long as you take out the bin
‘Til death do us part, we made our vow
I just never thought that would be now!

By Alex Ballard

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my Husband. And many other married couples with young children.

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I've Stumbled

I’ve stumbled Lord on to my knees
Where I belong voluntarily
But since I’m here I need to pray
Lord please help me find my children who have gone astray….
My husband now stays late- at a job he claims to hate
He does not love me the same – ever since I’ve gained weight….

Lord I know I ignored you when times were good
And did not pray the way I should

But please forgive me of my sins
And in my life please come back in…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Is a powerful piece about a woman who forgets about Christ when things were good in her life. When things begin to fall apart, she stumbles upon her knees where she begins to pray. A perfect reminder that it is Christ who is keeping things together in our lives.


Edward Iacona

When it comes to getting married
There is this lesson to learn,
Beware of toasting flutes that say,
“To Whom It May Concern”.

Another version that can cause stress
Or might leave one quite perplexed,
Would be the matched pair of glasses
That refers to you as, “NEXT”.

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With Tender, Loving Care


To you, love-enduring youth
the tumult of your yesteryears,
--the hours of strife, of lonely tears--
lies now behind you, a distance far,
as two wishes heard by allied star
have calmed the tempestuous waves,
the wind-beaten birch, the jesting knaves;
for wishes made upon a starry sky
may summon reward to them who try
breaking the spell their star-crossed woe
so to mend the many miles of sorrow.


But forget not, that which brought you here,
that nuptial need that knows no fear
and nurturing nature since life began
for taming harden'd hearts of many a man.
So go forth from this hour onward,
your hands as one holding hearts heard
beating in tune a pulse of amorous sway,
like the sonnets sung the Provencal way,
that retell in rhyme the stories you share
of times together with tender, loving care.

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You said it yourself, "Words don't mean a thing. It's actions I need to see."
If I could only show you the way that you showed me…

I'd need to take the I love you's away.
I'd need you to promise forever, without knowing I'd ever stay.
I'd sleep with you every night, and break up with you every day.
I'd tell my family you're crazy for getting upset about things.
I'd yell if you hate my friends that say they fuck me in their dreams.
I'd punch you in the face if you ever accuse me of anything.

Last, but not least, I'll mail you back your ring.
I'll leave you voicemails, with no way to contact me.
The reason- "I changed my mind about sex, it's a sin."
That's what I'll email you in a month, and to let you know I fucked my best friend.
Tara, you don't deserve the details. It doesn't matter, I'm never talking to you again.

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Dial tone

Dial tone is all that resonates of something once matrimonial.
Dial tone is the only apology that I'm forced to hear, over and over again.
Dial tone is all I have ever known, and dial tone reminds me of why I'm still alone.
Dial tone is the only love you've ever shown, and it sounds so profane.


dearest god,
may jesus always seek refuge in my soul.
many a demon lingers in my thoughts of despair.
i carry them as a mother would carry her children.
may they be replaced by loving care
and a husband who will always be there.
come rain or shine,
may he truly be mine.
and if time permits.
may a little
one be added to it.
sincerely amen,
between jesus and heaven.
Forgive me Jesus-
Looks mean didley squat
because I think most men
are ugly by face
and by nature.
My man will till the barn
(the weaknesses surrounding my life)
while shuffling hay
(creating peace around us)
then feed every last chicken
(cover me in kisses)
before painting it golden beige with red trimming
(while portraying the weight of 10 men in his heart).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my last prayer about love because it should have happened already. my heart is the strongest i know.

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A Letter To the One I love Most...


Tears of a willow
Fall of my pillow
As my soul cries out
From the distant reflections
Of a love so tainted
Bruised and battered
I choose to love you
Happy you came into my life
To heal my soul
With such delight
Stressed with the grief
Of ever loosing you
My days turned to nights
Months turned to years
Too many ships have passed
I'm still here looking
Awaiting your return
To be reunited with my long lost love

I dream of the day
I can hear you say
I'm home baby
Daddy's home to stay
I have dreamed of the passion
We have shared
The intimate love affairs
The look in your eyes
When your holding me tight
On those cold winter nights

What we have is special
Nothing worth forgetting
As i sit here waiting in the window
The miles could not replace our love
Missing you makes the heart grow fonder
I pray night and day
Our Heavenly Father
Keep you safe
Keep you in good health
And return you home to me
A better man than when you left

I miss the long walks
The picnics in the park
the wagon rides on Halloween
But what i miss more
Is the mere essence of your presence
Hearing you singing in the shower
Yelling during the super bowl games
Seeing your beautiful smile from across the room
Dancing with you after dinner
Or just laying in your arms at night
Blessed i will be when you return home to me

I love you so much
Missing you just the same
So until you return to me
I'll seal this love letter
With a giant Kiss....

(c) 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry Covington