I hope beyond hope and I pray

With all a non-believer can

That one day, somehow

Some man will take my hand


I don’t really care who he is

I just know that somewhere inside

I really wanted to have a ring

And someone whom I could confide


Was all this wishing

Somehow in vain?

Or do I still have a hope,

My demons will be slain


I believe with everything in me that

I truly could have a man

Who would even want to be mine?

Or do I have to have a re-plan?


I think that is the case at least this

Time. Could this be a weakness?

Because who am I to think

That I could live with happiness


Maybe I am doomed to die

All by my god damned self?

Or can I depend on you

And have you do it all by yourself


But I am just wishing and hoping

Towards a man I have yet to meet

But everything in me, wants this but I

Really don’t want to be alone in the street



Written on

January 31, 2011 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about my desire to be married. It was written to no one in particular, just for the fact that I want to be married.

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These Guns must be put down...

Firing Rounds is only pulling us under.

Bullet holes all around...

When it's war, there is no victims.

Convict me of a crime...

Too much time between us;

To throw it all behind.

My life deserves a Love;

Your Love is worth my life.

Put your weapon down;

And I'll do the same with mine.

We can't do this anymore.

Our Guns, two inches from the floor;

We kiss each other's lips...

Then jump right back into war.

Fight it out until she kills him;

Fight it out till she's imprisoned;

These Guns will continue breathing;

Till they run dry of ammunition...

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It wasn't gravity that made me fall,

Nor the dark matter that hides the light,

I wanted to be noticed,i wanted to stand out

from the other stars at night

And so i traveled to planet blue

with the chance to catch your eye

for a brief second you caught a glimpse of me

As i raced across the velvet sky

I filled you with awe and wonder

i wanted to put the spark of hope back into your life

And although we shooting stars fill your hearts with wonder

we know it comes at a heavy price

For as we enter atmosphere

our bright light we know will fade

Al tho i know ill crash and burn

and come to fiery end

Id willingly fall and die from the heavens

To see you happy once again

And so the life of a shooting star

comes to painful bitter end

To the one who saw me race across the sky

Id gladly do it all again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another one for my wife

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What's coming...

the day has come
i walked through the detectors
fear settling in

i couldn't believe it
this was really happening
my hands began to tremble

he stood by
while i walked inside
getting all the info i could
before walking out

it wasn't so bad
with him by my side

i pray night and day
this will all be over quickly
to end a three year marriage
that just couldn't be fixed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was about my ex

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your eyes grow deeper as you search for words

you move in a motion only known to love

hands guide and explore bringing pleasure

whispers fall upon your ears

you show me your inner beauty,what is hidden to others

and your  kiss tells me only i belong to you

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Beauty redefined

By nature, seems enhanced

No other form of love

Could leave us in this trance.

The beauty in your eyes

The strength beneath your smile

I have realized my time with you

Is a time worthwhile.

This feels just like a fairytale

And all my dreams are coming ture

An enchanted story being told

Of spending my life with you.♥

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i can't wait to discover it.♥

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We're all at Sea!

Mark and Julia were married today,

In the cold December rain.

Where, in a brief respite, as best we might,

We let our hexamine heated best wishes ascend,

On giddying fragile lantern sparks,

The Montgolfiers soon dwarfed,

Dwindling in the grim and lowering cloud,

Before the returning rain sent us all scurrying.

Later we cast the young couple adrift,

To navigate alone,

The cold and unforgiving seas of matrimony.

Their youthful confidence, ardour and vigour,

Will keep their small craft afloat for a while.

But I hope, yes I hope and I pray,

That it will be enough in the coming day,

To patch and to bail and to shorten the sail,

In the teeth of the coming storm.

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Love is something that never ends

It is a promise that never bends

Between two people that are in love

Love brings peace like a dove

You'll make your vows to you love

And they won't end till you go above

You'll say them from your heart

And to the other you'll always be a part

Everyone needs love in their life

But it's best to wait till you're older

The best love is from your husband or wife

And knowing that you'll become bolder

Love can be said by anyone

But who you choose is up to you

Be cautious and don't just choose the one who's the most fun

It's better to choose one who's true

To be loved by one is a great thing

But tying ends means buying a ring

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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The Second Wife

They saw you dance

at your brother's wedding ceremony.

You descended the stairs,

resplendent in blue,

and danced to your filmi songs.

The Old Man was in the front row

in the seat of honor,

swatting away servants

as they bowed to hand him almond milk

and kneeled to touch his feet.

He did not want them touching Him,

and He swished his scarf around

as a proud old stallion swishes its tail

to ward off flies.

Your Husband was at the far right,

a high school English teacher,

visiting your brother's White Wife,

a former pupil, a classroom star.

You rose from your kneeling position

as the flute played,

back bending and hand twisting,

your stomach curved like a new coin's edge

and your veil falling back

to reveal your face.

Your Husband watched coyly from the corner

of his eyes as the old filmi song sang,

"Nimbooda!", and The Old Man eyed you openly

as your slender legs

glided across the floor.

In the very back of the room, your brother Raja

and his White Wife, beaming with pride,

found you elegant, but your father--white beard,

strong hands, velvety voice,

your Baabul, your Papa--was clearly seething.

Baabul's eyes were fixed on the Old Man's Face.

You asked for a nimbooda

to sour the evil eye

and pretended not to see.

You know, you hardly noticed Your Husband

that day. You saw that he

was fair and fine in many ways--

blonde hair, white skin, light eyes,

long limbs, thin nose, full lips--

but no, you did not notice him

beyond that. Instead, you noticed The Old Man,

who was not White but was white as a sheet,

with patchy skin and a balding head.

You noticed Him because he had had five wives

and two were dead.

"The Old Man has five wives

and you take two away.

How many are left?"

You jangled your anklets

as you sang of lovers' quarrels.

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