True Love

Just to lay next to you and feel your warmth

is a mircle each day.

Playing with your hair so soft...

knowing together we will grow old and gray...

Counting the freckles on your back,

or jumping on the bed...

I never get tired of you,

And look foward to the years ahead

I will never know How I got a husband like you,

I don't deserve a man so loving,

so caring and true.

You love me unconditionally,

And you treat me like a queen.

Nobody could love me as much as you...

No one will come between...

You put with my rants,

and listen to me rave...

To tolerate me the way you do

is nothing short of brave.

I envy your patience,

becauce i know my fuse is short...

but you are always there to lend a hand

and offer me your support.

I love you more than anything,

you're the sun in my sky...

I would never want anyone else...

You're my only guy...

Don't you ever think that I don't care

Because even if you left me

I'd always be here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Oh so corny... I know right? but that's ok. And if you didn't get it, this is about my Husband Josh, who kicks ass at being who he is.

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What are you doing for forever?

I want to be by your side, thorugh the sun, rain.. wherever

This moment, this place where we first met

I will hold deep within my heart & never forget

It was this place, where my world was forever transformed

Since then, my heart has been endlessly warmed

You are everything I've been praying for, everything I need

Since we met my heart's pace changed,slow motion to light speed

This location will always remind me of promise, hope & fate

Here, I met the love of my life, my soulmate

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for Sonja, the love of my life I am ging to propose to her tomorrow night:)

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My Husband

My Husband is the sweetest thing

He’s my lover and he’s my king

He’s my companion and he’s my friend

And their to calm me when my patience becomes thin

He’s my council and he’s my coach

And at night..he knows the best ways to approach

He’s always beside me and on my team

And is always the reason my nightmares turn to dreams

This husband of mine is not your average man

I hurry home to him whenever I can

I love Him so much and no one can take

The years we’ve been together and the love that we make

I want him to know that he will always be

My sweety, my honey, my sugar pie and last but not least..He’ll always be my hubby

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is funny to me because I'm not married nor engaged neither do I have a boyfriend..its just that the idea was in my heart and I put it on paper..maybe One day I'll have someone to dedicate this poem to..but for now I just hope it has some truth to it and mostly I hope that everyone enjoys it =)

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I do

“I do” promise to be yours

“I do” promise to always give more

“I do” promise to never fight

“I do” promise to make U feel right

“I do” promise to love and obey

“I do” promise to always stay

“I do” promise to give myself to you

“I do” promise to always remain true

“I do” promise to always be your friend

“I do” promise to be yours until the end

“I do” promise to Love U in each and every way

“I do” promise to Love U each and every day

“I do” promise that with you I will spend the rest of my life

“I do” promise to take the honor of being your wi

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Dripping Faucet There

i'm a puddle in the back of your head

a dripping faucet there

a leaky pipe, a cascading tear

and a nose wipe - on the surface it's clear

we're in that childhood poem

on that foreign planet

the girls were right,

this man is a maggot

you say under your breathe

but we both know what's in the back of your head

you got lost there a long time ago

please visit and reflect

a grey sky pond, a cascading tree

and there's no time - at the shore surface it's still

run to that childhood poem

on that foreign planet

the girls were right,

this man is a faggot

you say under your breathe

but we both know that together it makes no sense

sometimes you're wrong

and sometimes i am

sometimes we're both wrong

sometimes we're right on time

sometimes i'm just a ryhme

in your eyes

but you're not just a thigh

in my sight

we're similiar in that we're different

it's not that hard to understand if you listen

please ask your tears to wait a second

please ask your tears to wait a second cause

i'm a puddle in the back of your head

a dripping faucet there

a leaky pipe, a cascading tear

and a nose wipe - on the surface it's clear

we're in that childhood poem

on that foreign planet

the girls were right,

this man is a maggot

you say under your breathe

but we both know what's in the back of your head

we both know what's in the back of your head

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He said, she said.....

Battle lines are drawn.

Retreating to their foxholes,

no compromise considered

nor flag of truce flown.

Ammunition prepared...

Ready, aim, fire!

Wounds inflicted

and enmity grows

creating more provocation

for revenge,

additional excuses for conflict.

He said, she said.....

A brief retreat,

a silent, sullen

halt in hostilities,

allowing time

to review strategies.

They eye one another

across a no-man's-land

of nursed grievances,

preparing the next salvo,

neither willing to concede.

He said, she said.....

The clash begins anew,

boundary lines redrawn,

battle after battle,

reprisal on reprisal,

firing bullets of blame

in a never-ending trench warfare

inside these four walls.

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30 Minutes

Thirty minutes is all I ask

A lunch time spent together.

Is it to great of a task

to allow me these moments I treasure?

Our crazy schedules we have so little time,

Can’t you put your phone on hold,

and make just thirty minutes mine?

You say if you didn’t work at home

It would be the same,

But you do work at home,

Would thirty minutes be that great a pain.

If the phone rings

And it isn’t an emergency,

tell them you will call back.

tell them someone you don’t

get much time to see

Just came home,

Give them the facts.

All I know, is the phone calls

seem more important than me,

You tell me, this isn’t true,

I AM your husband,

I too have needs,

And my biggest need is YOU.

So for thirty minutes

Turn off the phone,

We can pretend

Nobody’s at home.

We can enjoy our precious time

Until the work alarm tone,

Then I can commute to work,

and you to your precious phone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Long story, but the inspiration came from a discussion I had with my better half

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My Wedding Day

I never dreamed this day would come,

Your proposal is still like a dream.

Then, there I was, standing in my beautiful gown,

In your eyes, I saw a new and brighter gleam.

Waiting behind those huge wooden doors,

Waiting for them to slowly open wide.

There stood my handsome husband-to-be,

Waiting nervously for your new bride.

Standing beside you and exchanging our vows,

My heart felt it was going to burst.

Looking into your sparkling blue eyes,

There's nothing more beautiful than love that's first.

You've made me so happy, I feel like a queen,

How safe I feel in your arms.

My mind is at ease and my heart so calm,

You astound me everyday with your charms.

I love you now and will forever be yours,

Until my hair grays and I forget my name.

Sitting in our rockers side-by-side,

When we grow old...this love will be the same.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my wonderful husband...honestly, I never thought he existed...but he does...:)

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Bed Battlefield


Sixty six years married, said Fred.

All of them hell.

From dawn to dusk she made my life a misery.

Nagging, cleaning, cooking and whining.

Then just as I was getting used to it,

she ups and dies.

It isn't right.

Annie was a hard woman,

your Gran.

Never got over the miscarriage,

and your Dad, well, that just broke her heart.

She took it all out on me.

We buried Fred next to her.

Three weeks later.

In the family grave near the old stone seat.

The bed battlefield is a lonely place,

when one heart beats retreat.

Sixty six years married.

Then Fred refused to eat.

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