The Rock


So quickly come,
And so quickly go.


We leave each other to hurt,
And wonder
If better days are perhaps near,


They’re rock,
Our lives,
Yet we promised,
To take care,
And be taken care of.


Yet here I stand,
With no such rock,
Except for the one,
Which underneath I hide.

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Lovers Field

My Everything

A field before my feet.

The smell of wild flowers; my nose to steep.

Stems adorned with color, glimmering in the exhausted sun.

Waltzing amongst my fingertips; legs eager to run.

There's a shadow near the woods.

Quite a distance, from where I stood.

Gliding, like I sprouted graceful wings.

Twirling winds; in my ears do ring.

A pure familar fragrance, lingering in the air to find.

Something sweet on lips, I've somehow left behind.

The silence of the woods, hum in mysterious concern.

There you stood, a fire in me to burn.

Blossoming in daring flames.

Two souls, a mirror; the same.

The Sun and the Moon

Just a thought!

The Sun and the Moon

Two ships passing in the night.

Both, candles in the wind, yet,

the moon light, just an illusion.

The sun shines bright, searching

tides going in and out...

Effects from an elusive moon

in the distance, only to see...

Ripples on a wake, and

           Empty shores left behind'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The Sun and the Moon"

Persisent Skies



With every drip and every drop

The sky cries down in seclusion

Searching for eyes to notice

Blue skies, the ultimate illusion


She screams to the silence

A thunderous noise that carries

Her wounded longing call,

Thirsty eyes, she’d marry


Her rolling clouds distract

From the storm brewing inside

Trying to disguise her feelings

But no longer can they hide


The winds gain spiteful speed

Her furious winds circle round

Lifting heads and hearts

Wreaking havoc on the ground


All her stars she wished upon

Faded into crumbling ashes

A dying desire for affection

That only ended in her lashes


As the gloomy madness concludes

Her vibrate blues come to play

Covering up her sadness

To unleash on another day





Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dying star hoping to get a glimpse of the sun.

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Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle
To: Love bug
Alcona, innisfil, ontario
March 18th 2013
Today I release a message in a bottle, from the shores of Internet sea. Pass it along with hopes of finding its way to her. When she sees it she will know its for her. Will my message arrive? When? By who's hands will it be delivered? So much mystery. Thinking of you always....

I love her eyes

But it's no surprise 
My death was inevitable
They have changed
Her view is deranged
I'm no longer lovable
I could get her back
Rebuild qualities I lack
Even alone that would net a gain
If I sit tight
I could win this fight
We may be a family again
I want her to say
Before my dying day
That I am father of the year
I love our son
He is the one
Who will change the path I steer
What I thought wouldn't cease
It was just a tease
What I could have if I was a better man
I made my mistakes
Again and again for gods sake
Why can't I just stick to my plan
I tried my best
To be better than the rest
But always caused myself to bleed
Held on so tight
Tried to make it right
Wonder if ill ever succeed 
I want to tell her my thoughts
How I love and miss her lots
Hard to do what is best for me
We both made our choice
Despite all the noise
Of others opinions spoke in harmony
Chased her for years
Tried to take away her tears
I need to let her love me
Love me for me
Not what I make her believe
When I try so hard not to be
An actor who shows
Her what she already knows
Is inside my heart of stone
If I put on a play
Plan everything  I say
All fakers end up alone
Ill step back a minute
Watch her go fight and win it
I need to get her out of my head
Climb from the hole I have dug 
Free to fly my love bug
No longer tangled up in my web
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Maybe this peom will reach her in the distant future. She is on Facebook but I am not. I could just message it to her but I cant get over my butterflies. I am too nervous to send it to her directly. 

Missing stars.

I looked up to see
the stars high up in the skies
but they were missing
so I searched high and low
Then found them
In my new love's eyes.

Peter Dome. copyright. 2013.

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Looking, searching,
Waiting, wishing,
I didn't know where,
I didn't know for how long,
But I was looking.

Looking for the answers,
The answers to questions that haven't been asked.
The ones that don't need to be.

You search forever until you find it.
That's what I did.
Lost on an endless voyage,
Fumbling in the dark,
Looking for the light.

And then there was you.
All the questions were answered,
All the lights turned on,
I had found a place to rest my head,
A place to call my home.



Sit and rest in the
shadow of lifes' tree.

I will search for you there.

You and I together
in the threshold of time.
copyright by heather burns

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Sit and rest in the
shadow of lifes' tree.

I will search for you there.

You and I together
in the threshold of time.
copyright by heather burns

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