How important are parents in their children’s lives, how much influence do they extend

The answer is not complicated, simply...that depends.


Will your children grow up kind and loving? Will they be people you’re proud of?

That depends on if you’re teaching them kindness, warmth and love. 


Will your children grow up with prejudices, will hate and bigotry ensue?

That depends on if they’re witnessing tolerance in you.


Will your children grow up generous, or will they in themselves be immersed

That depends of if your teaching them to put themselves or others first.


Will your children grow up greedy, will they take what isn’t theirs

That depends on if you’re teaching them to accumulate or share?


Will your children grow up happy or will they end up sad and blue.

There seems to be a pattern here for that depends on you.


So parents if you ever wonder how far your influence extends

Remember the answer’s not that two words...that depends.




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A brother and a sister battled all the time

Their fighting seemed to have no reason and definitely no rhyme.


Their parents did not understand and tried hard to keep the peace

But no matter what they did the fighting never ceased.


Their children were too young, too inexperienced, too unqualified

To see a parent’s love is not divided it’s always multiplied.


It took a while but, one day, the brother and sister comprehended.

They stopped their fighting and immediately each other they befriended.


Then life moved on and in the blink of an eye, the brother and sister were fully grown

And they found themselves both married with families of their own.


They were confident their children wouldn’t become an angry mob

They were smarter than their parents. They would do a better job.


But no matter what they did to try to keep the peace

The children did not listen and their fighting never ceased.


Dear brother, the sister lamented I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

I struggle, I bargain, I bribe but my children don’t get along.


Dear sister the brother responded, I too can do nothing right

I’ve used every technique from every book but all my children do is fight.


Finally in frustration realizing nothing they do would suffice

They did what any child would do, they turned to their parents for advice.


The parents comforted their children, “Don’t worry, no need to fuss.”

“We’ll give you the same instruction our parents once gave to us.


“Your children are too young, too inexperienced, too unqualified

To see a parents love is not divided it’s always multiplied.”


“It may seem like a simple solution but it’s patience you need to apply

For someday soon your children too will learn to multiply.”


Quit trying so hard to understand and put those parenting books back on the shelf

For once they comprehend the math the problem takes care of itself.


The children departed and the parents smiled as they watched them walk down the path

“I guess you’re never to old,” Mom said, “to learn about basic math.”


“Yes,” Dad grinned, “and one day when their children ask for help with their mayhem


They’ll be ready with the same advice their parents gave to them.”

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If I were a child for a day, I wonder, would anyone lend an ear?

I know I’d have a lot to say…would anybody hear?


If I were a child for a day, then I think before I go

There are a few things I’d like to tell my parents, a few things I’d like them to know.


If I was a child for a day and it was my job write this rhyme

The first thing I would tell you is to give of me your time.


Yes, you should know not only for me but for every child’s sake

That just producing children does not a parent make.


You may give me gifts of money or toys that move and speak

But at the end of every day it’s time with you I seek.


I would tell you it is in your eyes that I find my self-esteem

For I know if you believe in me then I am free to dream.


I would tell you that I like to play but I’m not looking for fame.

And I don’t need a trophy just because I played the game


I would tell you it’s OK if I fail when I struggle or compete

And when I fail, for I will fail, just help me get back on my feet.


And I need to know that good or bad, from the time that I begin

You’ll love me as much the times I lose as you do the times I win.


For if you are patient with me and whatever problems life will pose

Not only will I prosper but my independence grows.


Don’t be afraid to tell me no, it will help me in the end

Remember I need you to be my parent, I don’t need another friend.


I look to you for guidance and I look to you for love.

And sometimes when I need it you can give me a little shove.


But don’t shove me too much or to both of our dismay

You may think you’re helping but you’re shoving me away.


Remember to love me’s what parents are supposed to do

If you can do that no questions asked then I will love you too.


It’s not really too much to ask and I hope that you can see

By giving me these simple things there’s no telling who I might be.


If you stop to think about it we are children for only a day

Before life and its responsibilities slowly snatch our innocence away.


So before that happens let me remind you although I may be a small family member

You never know which lessons today…tomorrow I’ll remember.




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If I had an important question when I was a growing lad

I’d go to Mom who’d wave me off and say, “Go ask your dad.”


To Dad I’d run so curious with one question or another

But Dad couldn’t seem to find the time, he’d say, “Go ask your mother.”


So growing up we didn’t talk, the time was never right

And Mom and Dad, they never knew, how much I cried at night.


As time went by I learned to hide my feeling with a mask.

Decreasing my curiosity and my ability to ask.


Dad asked one day, “What’s wrong my boy? As a son you’re like no other.”

“Dad,” I said, “the answer’s simple. Why don’t you go ask Mother.”


Mom was next, she was upset and asked me, “How did you get so bad?”
My response gleaned from my memory was, “Mom, just go ask Dad.”


They’re gone now, both my mom and more for me to see

I only wish they would have found the time to answer me.


I hope all the parents out there read this and are afraid

And I hope they never make the same mistakes my parents made.




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I'll Still Love You 'Til the End

I’ll still love you ‘til the end
Even when you have no clue
Just how much I really do.
Especially when you come home and say,
“You’ve been sitting on your arse all day”

I’ll still love you ‘til the end
When the washing up is left again
I’ll close my eyes and count to ten
After 20 rounds of hide and see
I just want a cup of tea!

I’ll still love you ‘til the end
When the laundry’s piled high
And I feel I cannot lie
I’ll say no, I didn’t do it today
Our baby wanted to draw and play.

I’ll still love you ‘til the end
Even when we don’t agree
And you act like you are only three
You moan and whinge and sulk and pout
And I just want to kick you out.

I’ll still love you ‘til the end
Yes, sometimes it may be tough
You feel like you have had enough
I don’t do “nothing”, I’m not a Bum
I spend all day being a Mum!

I’ll still love you ‘til the end
Someday soon we will have time
All the washing will be on the line
Every chore gets split by half
And we’ll look back on now and laugh.

I’ll still love you ‘til the end
The petty arguments, they won’t win
As long as you take out the bin
‘Til death do us part, we made our vow
I just never thought that would be now!

By Alex Ballard

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my Husband. And many other married couples with young children.

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My Latin Darling

Hectic Days
And full nights
In and out, up and down
Those goddamned stairs
You're growing so fast
And soon mommy won't
Be able to carry you anymore
It makes me want to cry
As your legs get longer
And take the stairs two-at-a-time
And you start to sleep through most of the night
But I can still smile at your snores
You will always be my baby.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Been so busy lately, but it's a love-labour, all the way.

My Hero

Wulfman Adventures

I thought I was alone
With no father figure
He was always there
He was there
He didn’t have to be
When I wanted to learn
He was there
When I was hurt
He was more of a man
Than he should have been
He was always caring
Always thinking of others first
Never complained

I hope someday I can
Walk in his footsteps
Because his shoes
Are too big for me to fill
For now

With loving memory,
Daddy Dub.

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