I've Stumbled

I’ve stumbled Lord on to my knees
Where I belong voluntarily
But since I’m here I need to pray
Lord please help me find my children who have gone astray….
My husband now stays late- at a job he claims to hate
He does not love me the same – ever since I’ve gained weight….

Lord I know I ignored you when times were good
And did not pray the way I should

But please forgive me of my sins
And in my life please come back in…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Is a powerful piece about a woman who forgets about Christ when things were good in her life. When things begin to fall apart, she stumbles upon her knees where she begins to pray. A perfect reminder that it is Christ who is keeping things together in our lives.

Death Row

I asked my neighbor where is your son
She said she let him free
To roam and play, enjoy the day, to be who he can be.

I cannot keep him home she said- because he is a child
After all he is a little boy and that means he will play wild.

That was 5 years ago and now that young boy’s tamed
To limited space, a sad-angry face
And a number that’s his name…

He no longer has his freedom to roam – or even enjoy the day
But instead is directed by the guard who tells him what time he has to play….

He is now awaiting for the day he will be laid to rest
The time and month when the electrical cords will be strapped upon his chest…

He spends every night asking God to forgive him of his sins
For killing mom, dad and poor Annie- Lynn

That little boy she let astray now sleeps alone
And calls a place named “Death Row” as his last and final home…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Is a powerful piece describing the lack of discipline, guidance and control of our young children. A perfect metaphor of the path walked by many of our uncontrolled children of today. A powerful piece for anyone connected to children.

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Wake UP!

Wake Up! Wake UP! No more sleeping in bed
Little Peter is crying he needs to be fed

Angie is failing she can’t even read
This problem exists because she is poor- that’s what her teacher now believes

We are failing our children while we lie asleep
Our family structure is failing and is proven to be weak.

Wake Up! Wake Up! Mother while Peter is being raped
By the same man you love and claim it’s you that he dates

Wake! Wake Up! Dad your daughter is growing old
She needs a man in her life – so she sleeps with the addict who treats her cold…

Wake Up mom and dad no more thinking about you
But instead of our children whose thoughts are misconstrued

The alarm clock has gone off- No more sleeping in bed
Let’s save the children we have left
‘Cause half of our children are already dead.

Wake Up!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wake up is a powerful piece screaming the needs of some of our children. Wake up has been described as the perfect wake up call for those caring for children. It is a great gift for someone in the social services field; teachers or any persons providing the needs of our children