Tabula Rasa

Earth time,

Wake time,

Sleep time,

Dream time,

Life time,

Some time,

Any time...

What is time?





by man,

to keep track

of his illusions,

his confusions,

and when we


and wander


the realms

of space...

and 'time',



Once upon

a dream so vast,

an infinite

number of

souls were cast,

beyond the

thoughts where

minds can


beyond the

planes where

spirits blunder.


My heart

forever longs

to share

the ecstasy

it holds,

I close my

eyes and leave

this world,

and don't know

where 'I' go.


The only thing

I know is that

the times when

I'm asleep,

is like a


the whole of

me, upsweeped.

dreaming holds

no slumber

there, no fantasies

suffice, it's

bliss becomes

my breath

in dreams


and alas...

once more,




5:35 AM 5/31/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about life being the dream.


Nature / Folder 1


Baby in Universe Photographic Print

Baby in Universe  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



By: Panoramic Images 









The universe holds me,
Gently in it's arms,
Lovingly, with the grace of angels,
Stardust sprinkled upon my tired brow.


The universe holds me.


The universe warms me,
Kindly, with it's luster,
Blankets of billowing clouds,
And whispering winds that feel cool
Upon my heated beads of sweat
Sustained through growing pains
And open wounds.


The universe holds me.


The universe morphs my human frailties
Tenderly, like swirling colors of the rainbows
That shine their golden mist upon the greenest hillsides,
Donning light upon the flowers on its rolling breasts,
Transforming solid ground
To birth the dreams of cherubs' quests.


The universe holds me.


The universe holds me,
In darkest night,
When life has left and all is withered,
Dreams, once shining stars of fire
Now turned to ash by life's demands,
I wake to find the universe,
So devotedly, tucked safely in my hands.


1:02 AM 5/27/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The most important relationship one will ever have.

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My Horoscope told me to plan a getaway, 
posting pictures of my dream trip 
around my room. 
I want to know, would it be wrong, 

if those pictures were of you?  

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Bow-Tie Naked

pinch hard,

the uncut-floor,

give hydrogen to a brother,


put it up for sale,

pleasure plastic,


stow-away hid on a dream-ship,

give a free ride,

play for awhile,

duke it out with dull teeth,

duke it out with knife leaves

blow up a balloon


stretching silver sweet


Go for it i guess

get out on the moutain and come down

filter while we figure-out frowns

bow-tie naked

make the party fun

un-tied blue free










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Bizarre Dream


I dreamt last night a sweetest one

Walked down the road with someone

Someone I knew from the past

But I had met only twice


I don't know what's your name

I can't tell why it came

But it all looked true to me

It was a fantastic scene


We were telling stories as we walked

We were laughing truly as we talked

We looked at each other now

Everything went silent now


Suddenly, you got so serious

Your sad stare was so mysterious

I asked you, "What's wrong?"

You replied too long


I woke up asking myself

Why we walked alone in my dream

Your name never rang a bell

But my dream looked so true to me

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I Have A Dream

I have a dream that I might forget what I have learned

In so that I might remember the silence from where I came,

I have a dream that I might touch the heavens, the same,

I have a dream that in calloused hands,

I hold the stars that caress the blackened skies,

And wipe the tears from every eye,

To mend the shattered bits of efforts past,

Fallen fast, on deafened ears,

I have a dream, it lurks, it leers,

In blackened hearts the stakes are thrust,

The loathsome plunge is cast, the taste is sweet to devil's tongues,

I have dream, that soars above these devilish rungs,

That hold the secretness and fears,

And cry the reticence of joy's return beyond the gloom,

I have a dream,

I have a dream.



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Cthulhu Mythos

Yog-Sothoth, archons

God of portals.

Rules all goings in,

Rules all comings out.


Doors are His mouth

Windows are His eyes.

Whenever you cross,

He is aware;

And only when He permits it.


He is the Gate and the Key;

Jealously guarding the portals.

The face of Yog-Sothoth,

The face of the cosmos.


During death and dream,

Liberated from the house of flesh.

Struck out by violent force;

He may lead the soul to any world

 He: Nyarlathotep,

Even to the throne of chaos.


Yog-Sothoth cannot be bullied,

Not even by Nyarlathotep.

There is no way to harm Yog-Sothoth

There is no way to kill Him...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the Cthulhu Mythos Deity Yog-Sothoth.

Failure in a glass

sad but true, shame on you... all has come unglued..

i'm swimming through this ocean, tide pulling me over & under, just to try & make it back, without blunder..

I'd rather dig a thousand pins into my skin, or burn a billion holes onto my back, then hurt you unintentionally..

can't you see, I'd much rather strike myself...

I don't want anyone to be an object of my pain..

so please refrain from stepping any further.. 

you don't know what goes on in my brain...

these chemicals are mine to control.

so stand back while I get a-hold..


ashes to ashes... everything collapses.. piece by piece, coming apart.

nothing ever felt right, from the very fucking start..

sometimes I cannot convey the thoughts in which my mind is stirring up,

or the feelings that cause my heart to silently bleed..

if only I had those wings, I would of flown away long ago..

& saved you from the inevitable hurt..


not being here.

sometimes I wonder if that's the only real dream in which i've truly conceived through out this life time..

nothing special, but it sure seems realistic..

she screamed at me, "it's all just a fantasy!" .. inside I went ballistic..

twisting & turning, face to the floor, squirming..

staring down at the shriveled remains of sanity... 


your eyes expell such melancholy.. do you see the same in me..?

am I just a tree for you to chop down..?

to carve your name in..?

to climb..? to rest up against..?

no longer will I walk along such a thin frail line..

no longer will I stand out of the shadows to be seen...

for these shadows are all that will vaguely cover me..

offering faint protection.. 


sometimes you can't avoid the rejections, the experiences, or the lessons..

when you drink that water, check the bottom to make sure it's clean..

though it may appear transparent & clear..

you could end up swallowing a ton of nails...

choking on how much you've failed..

shame on me, too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 





Every night I dream of you

I see your face come shining through

the misty clouds that fill my brain

you are the sun that dries the rain

you bring a smile to my face

as you take me to a place

of sheer joy, happiness and love

the kind ordained by heaven above 



I see our life together as one

I see the birth of our baby son

I see us together taking on the world

I see the first steps of our little girl

I see the purpose you brought to my life

I see you being proud of your little wife

I see the ring you placed on my hand

I see our love spreading across the land


Bedtime is my favorite part of the day

because I know in my dreams you find a way

to move past the obstacles keeping us apart

I find a way to become secure in your heart

You’ll awaken a passion in me no one else has

I’ll show you devotion you never found in the past

Together we will have a life of sheer bliss

I know in my dreams I can have this wish 



Exploring every inch of your body is my right

Something I get to do every single night

As soon as I lay my head down and close my eyes

There is nothing but perfection – no worries, no lies

No other women to come between us

No men on the side trying to cause a fuss

At night the only ones who exist are you and me

It’s then that my desires can truly run free 



But all too soon the sun does rise

I wake with a smile that meets a quick demise

I lay in my bed, so lonely, empty, cold

realizing again the story’s yet to unfold

but the key word in my mind, in my heart is YET

I know it’s coming to fruition – on that I will bet

I know it’s only a matter of time before you come to me

and the rest of our lives will be spent as WE

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