Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Like death is to an erie smell

As red as blood

Someone is hurting no one can tell

All you hear is a thud as that person falls to the ground

No one deserves to die like this

All full of pain

No heart here is found

At night you hear distant cries

Sounds like they are about to die

Sounds like pouring rain

Out of control

Nothing to gain

Without their soul

They only have the light

They have no place to go 

Left in them they have no fight 

To take care of them

They have nobody they know


As red as a rose

There's a drip of blood

Falling from their nose

Fighting the erge

Wanting to slice their wrist

But that wouldn't solve their problems

Or make people sad

It would get their family members mad

For no where to go 

For now they can only hide

Holding all their pain

No body by their side


waiting to explode

Leaving a stain

Wanting to die

But don't understand

And don't know why

Just wanting a helping hand



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Bow-Tie Naked

pinch hard,

the uncut-floor,

give hydrogen to a brother,


put it up for sale,

pleasure plastic,


stow-away hid on a dream-ship,

give a free ride,

play for awhile,

duke it out with dull teeth,

duke it out with knife leaves

blow up a balloon


stretching silver sweet


Go for it i guess

get out on the moutain and come down

filter while we figure-out frowns

bow-tie naked

make the party fun

un-tied blue free










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Two weeks to deadline

Two weeks to dead line

Two week dead line as I sit on the 18 foot roof
As I sit there with feet shins and legs paining
Hands so sore I couldn`t pick up my hot cup of joe that morning at the crack of dawn
feelin like shit but yet such a amazing feeling That I could fly of that roof
I didn`t back down
I didn`t quit
I didn`t Give up
If you were to ask me two weeks ago ``What are you going to build``
I would have said `` a garage``
But Still as I sit on the roof On the hot layed metal I put blood And sweat into hours ago
I didn`t just build a garage
I build
I pushed
I bled
I`m just a little bit stronger
Just a bit more prouder
and as I climb down the shitty ladder scared to set a cup of coffee
Without it braking
I realize I have to build Myself up
Build it just a little bit stronger
Everyday We work
Either hard labor
Or hard metal labor
Barely abell to take off my nail bag
With A smile on my face
A new chapter Open In my life
I get in the old halftun truck
and drive away as the sunsets
I know I did my best
I know I'll rest good tonight

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My two weeks

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Future looking at the past

I look upon these children and see them make mistakes
I recognize it, But it will be soon too late to forsake
I tried to warn them, resenting it will be our commonality
It'll be a shock when they grow up like when I saw reality
Nothing is ever given, you give and take what you've earned
You're making the decision and you choose to be burned
I'm a bystander watching you get abused by drugs
The drug game isn't as fun as you think just ask my buds
They're lying 6 feet deep, It'd be smart to use my wisdom
Next time you see your dealer, I'm saying refuse his blunt
Get your life together or you'll wish that your life was done
I use to be like you thinking I was cool smoking with my cousin
Look at me now, cleaning while I'm watching a reflection
You'll be out on the street, I guess we're all a collection
The guys are struggling and the girls are on planet whore
I'm a lucky one, but you won't listen to me, I'm just a janitor.

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stressed and distressed

silent screams and suicidal pleas.
distressed and stressed,
he says she couldn't care less.
"love me, you don't",
do anything... he says, "she won't."
her sanity is peeling,
she's getting tired of dealing,
again and again.
she wants to give up,
and he's lost all trust.
she's trying to be,
and trying to succeed,
but all she's doing,
is the devilish deed.