My Work

Faint recognition;
ambiance, for hire,
this job is precarious,
but can she steal the show?
Holding the position;
mistress of high wire,
toes point nefarious,
to the sweating mob below.

Concentration mesmerizing;
every eye transfixed,
tickets funded by the dream
on the back of the artiste'.
And beautiful is sighing,
"Let 'em have their kicks-"
she picks up the balance beam,
silencing the beast.

This is holy treason;
lost in deep translation,
corseted travesty,
compelled by safety net.
Furtively she blows a kiss;
to conquer hesitation,
winks, knowing gravity
hasn't eaten yet.

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Dear You, Yes You.

Dear you,

Yes you reading this.
I know you are going through some terrible challenges and pain.
Some days you may not want to even get out of bed, brush your teeth, go to work/school.
But you should know, you are loved.

You are born with nothing, and you will leave with nothing besides love.
There are people that live to see you smile every day.

You can look at your challenge as if it’s a wall or a mountain.
If it’s a wall, you're stuck behind it, helpless.
If it's a mountain, you can keep climbing higher and higher till you reach your goal.
Please view every challenge as a mountain, and keep on growing and getting stronger.

You deserve to be happy,

You are beautiful,

I love you.

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If any of you need help, I am here for you.

Why Dream?

Do you ever go to the depth of a dream?
Think of it, if you analyze, you may even scream!

A dream is all that you have continuously thought,
From here and there, mixed in an imaginary pot….

We proclaim in our dreams, “god said this to me and that”
Focus inward, it’s the strength you really lacked…..

A dream speaks volumes on what you want,
It could be full of fun or a fear to haunt!

Keep thinking positive day and night,
Your dreams will definitely be a delight!!

A dream can bring in great bliss,
Provided the optimistic vitamin you never miss!

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A truth on dreams!!

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Drip Drop

Drip drop as the blood flow out of my wrist onto the floor,
wondering if I should go through the light near the door.
I get closer and closer but something is pulling me back.
Looking at the light wondering what’s truly holding me back.
Peace and beauty is all I see, is this for me?
why can't I enter and be rid of this fright.
Why must I continue to fight?
Standing with blood all around my feet, maybe my choice was not truly a defeat.
I asked for forgiveness and stated, peace is all I seek.
Drip drop the blood puddling at my feet, time stops and my life flashes before my eyes.
I walk into the light, now finding myself waking from what appeared to be a dream.
Now I keep asking myself, what does this dream mean?

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2010-2012 Poems

In a heartbeat,
Do not blink.
Do not over-analyze,
Do not think.
For it can start with a smile,
A helping hand,
A steady gaze,
Or a playful wink.

Once the Universe finds
The link that binds
Your world and mine-
Feel the sign.

Eternal bliss.
Destiny's sweetest kiss.
It's gonna be like this:
You + Me = Aurora Borealis.

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-(c) jerlin 07Nov11

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Through the glass

Non Military

I saw it through the dirty fingerprint on the window
A tree to everyone else but to me it was a thing of beauty and awe and wonder
My mind urged and demanded that I touch it
I could not for it was impossible at 100 MPH
The tree was all consuming in a instant of blurred buildings sheep and cows
It was gone
The urge to touch the tree rub its hard bark against my cheek until I bled was overwhelming
It was for a nanosecond the most important thing in the world to me
Then gone, like my youth
Did the tree really exist?
Yes, because it was really in my mind
As real as any of my dreams
Will I ever touch that tree
Never find it again
Was I never meant to touch it
Maybe I will touch that tree one day
At the same time that my life on this earth will extinguish with the certainty
Of and old man licking his fingers and touching on a candle wick
We all have a journey we want to reach
But will we ever get there?
What can you see through your misty window?

© Tony McNally

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Strange Urges

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Half Remembered


At the frontier the border guards lined up facing The Horde
wondering where the train delivering magick was

2 hours late already,
the Horde leader, knew something but knew nothing,

At the Capital Station, the Custom's sergeant knew something
but not what...
"In the name of the Regiment, I commandeer these provisions..."
Signed the scrip, crossed out the 1 and replaced it with a 4...

At the shore, the King's Agent knows and is racing back to report
hoping it is not too late.
Riding his troika, pulled by elephants, he and his companions
plunged down the waterfall...

when they reach the beach, the elephants are now hummingbirds,
and they pull the troika to a watery catapult which flings them even faster
towards the Capital.

In the Castle, they have convinced the Winds that they are old.
Slowly they dance them around, englamoured, Widdershins: deliberately and imperceivably
They've convinced us all that we old and senile.

Then the enemy wizard's Girl Friday, a lover from another dream,
calls me to gloat. Even senile, I can still get her goat.
She loses it and speak the words that free me:
"You're not THAT old."

THAT old.
It is true, I am not THAT old.

Suddenly awake, I repeat the words to the King.
"You're not THAT old."
Freed, he in turn frees others, and so on and so on...

When the Winds are freed their revenge upon their dance partners is not pretty.

No aftermath can be remembered.

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illuminati Chills ~

Unique Poems

Wen i look in dis mirror I start getting these chills seeing all dis ice on my neck and these Soulless dollar bills // I had to spill in order to make a deal but it was all worth gettin dat record deal // who knew I had to sign just to get signed and at dat moment I didn't sign // I didn't rethink // I ain't even blink // I just cried out ink // and watched it sink right into the paper before I could even blink // I couldn't regret the fact that I couldn't regret // I jus had to forget the fact that I could regret // it was like a threat I build inside my mindset // in order to protect so I wont turn suspect // but at da time I didn't care about the intellects // all I cared about was the money dat was in effect // to get sucked into a dream in order live my dream // a nightmare so scary it isn't as what it seems // evil that appears as good // something so misunderstood // I can't explain wats inside of me // u may just know it as illuminati...


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I stop and hear a faint cry for help.
I start to run.
My feet hit the ground.
It gets louder.
I stop to find the direction it comes from.
I run again, feet thumpin the sidewalk.
Louder and louder it gets.
Im gettin closer.
I can hear it.
Its right around the corner.
I stop I look.
All I see is a girl cryin.
I go to her.
She starts to run away.
I run after her.
She keeps gettin further and further away.
I stop to take a breath.
I look up.
Shes gone.
I start to wonder.
Was there a girl or was I chasin a dream?
A dream of a girl.
A girl I thought I could comfort.
Stop her from cryin.
Now she is gone.
So I start to run.
My feet hit the ground.
Nothin is in front of me.
Im chasin a dream.
Nothing can defy me.
Im chasing a dream.
Of a girl I thought was there.
I lost her.
From the moment I saw her.
She hit the ground.

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