*Following The Birds*


Ballad from my dream
September.15.1995 / September-7-2013
*Updated 2.20.2014*
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Im enjoying my walk along outside
Enjoying the warm morning sun
Small animals begin to scurry and hide
Finally my work is done
Here comes some beautiful birds
I see them out of the corner of my eye
I try my hardest to them
But they are too far up in the blue sky
I begin to follow
This is sure a glorious day
But all of a sudden i feel a hint of sorrow
Like they don't want me to go their way 

I so long for them not to leave
As I watch them fly away
Its like a dream thats surreal
Its so hard to believe
They begin to raise their wings
So wide in the air
But some force is pulling them to the forest
Like a lullaby an angel would sing
It seems to me they want to stay
They can't seem to resist
All i can do is just stare
As they carry on their journey
This is definitely no ordinary day


Out of the blue sky comes more birds 
So many questions in my mind
The birds are conjoining like a herd 
But I've never seen any of this kind
I chase them as fast as I can
As I do this I trip and scrap my knees 
I get up and yell "Answers i demand!"
I calm down and i call out to the beautiful birds
"Stay please"
I feel like they can hear 
But they just leave me to stand
They don't even bother to look back
Again i can feel their fear
Something is keeping them on track
But they just keep flying to where they came from
I say to them 
"Bring me your music you sing durning the day
Down my cheek i now feel a tear
Now as I'm running again
I look back and notice I dont see my house
I look up to see if the birds are still there
I come upon a house and a man is waving me down
But at this moment i really don't care


I am running faster then ever
To catch up to the beautiful birds
Wondering if we'll be together
I see one stray off to the right
And flew past me so close
In his eyes was such a look of fright
I come to a scary looking forest
As i get closer to the woods
The one the birds couldn't resist
I feel something go through me
A spirit and bird become one and go into the night 
I look back and see the man crying 
From the same place he stood
A sudden feeling of fright
I notice what has just happened
And i looked back to the forest
I'm beginning to feel weak and try to run
But all my body wants is to rest
I'm afraid and this is no longer fun
I've gotten myself in such a mess
What have i done


I see now the Keeper of all souls
A sudden struck of fear ripped through my heart
This has been his plan all along
To trick me into following the birds this was his goal
To take my body and souls apart
He is so very strong
His plan from the start
He's coming to get my soul because I let one of his free
I can feel him through my chest and my bones
Taring at them like a toy
Breaking like pieces of stone
Taking only what he wants
I can feel his disgusting joy
Through my soul his evil haunts
I've never felt so alone
All i can remember is the beautiful birds
Coming out of the blue sky
Floating above me
Beautiful as they fly
So peaceful and free


I snap out of it and realize
I try to move and run but it is no use
My body scams out my soul cries
Because he almost has my soul
I feel myself falling to the ground
As i hear him getting closer he says "I have won 
I've gotten my goal"
Another tear goes down my cheek 
Now I can barely hear a sound
I see the birds turn to thier ghostly soul
And they weep and realize
Part of my soul to the devil is bound
I feel like I am not all there but i truly am
I notice someone is picking me up
From where i have fallen
I cant see clearly but it looks like the man who was crying
I hear my name he is calling 
He then whispers to me "You may be into too deep
As he is running back to his house with me in his arms
i start to drift of to sleep
I faintly hear him tell the keeper of all souls
"You havent won and never will!"


We are getting closer to the house
He puts me on the bed
As i turn to the wall
The man whispers "Dont worry child you're not dead
I can finally hear
The anger is stirring up outside
I can hear all the cries
Through me is a stronger fear
The guy told me "The soul keeper is the meanest" 
All of a sudden a blast blew through the house
The soul keeper came ripping through and picked me up
Within that split second he hit the guy 
And on the floor he went 
I was getting further away from the blue sky 
Preyers to me the guy sent
I begin yelling,kicking,and swinging my arms and legs
But what ever i try to do
It only hurt me and not him
The guy on the floor can only beg
For what was to come he only already knew
What would happen to me
Saving my soul now was too late
I would never be set free
From the guy i can feel the hate
Because he always knew like before
This is how it will always be
To the soul keeper he will have to lose more


As I get higher into the air
All I could do is let the soul keeper bring me 
To the darkness that was near
He then put this thing over my face
Ive never experienced so much fear
I tried to take it off but could not
I could hear my heart begin to race
To his place we finally got
Finally the thing over my face he took it off
There was only white lights and *The Souls*
I was covered in black and red lace
What did it all mean?
Why am I here?
I would soon find out 
That I could never leave
If I should he would kill me
This has to be a really bad dream
All this fear inside of me I can't breathe
No one can hear my screams
I begged for God to help me
But the the soul keeper had it all
I will never be set free
Even my soul wouldn't be able to roam
What could I ever do?
I will never be the same
I was dead wear I laid
I would never be able to drift away
To the moonlit sky
The loss of my soul is what i paid
On that day when i chased the birds
To my family i didn't even get to say good-bye
If i only had listened if i only knew
All i feel now is shame
Laughing the soul keeper tells me
"This my dear is all on you!"
"But this was always my game"…..
No one understood
On that day when I chased the birds
If I only had listened 
If I only Knew



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Dream is Life

 Dream is life,


Dream is the self’s wife,


Dream is progress,


Dream is gladness.



Dream is a force,


Dream is a unique source,


Dream is truth,


Dream is eternal youth.



Dream is like oxygen,

Dream is a celestial fountain.

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Dream of Tomorrow

Neither today nor the day before

What i dream of is tomorrow

I dream of peace and relief

Neither pain nor sorrow

The days are always pleasant

Nights are always gratifying

No failures no fiasco coz

People around are always trying.

Not seeing old friends does make my dream upset

A bunch of new mates clear some

While a serious fun with them vanishes the rest.

Neither today nor the day before

What i dream of is tomorrow

I dream of care and respect 

Not dumb even a fellow.


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If You Live Alone

Mate Love


If You Live Alone


user img

If you live alone No one
.. can grab the remote
.. play cacophony which hurts your ears
.. put you on the phone when you don't want to talk
.. cook foods whose smell makes you sick
.. fracture the silence in other ways
.. be upset if you tune out in meditation
.. wake you out of a beautiful dream, for morning sex
.. move or throw away your things
.. spend your money
.. mind if you get up in the middle of the night to work
.. expect you to do more than 50% of the cleaning, cooking, laundry
.. establish your priorities
.. object if you talk to old friends of both genders
.. decimate your freedom
when attacked by flatulence you need not leave the room.

Nevertheless many of us nonyogis prefer the path of
   mutual love.


  -saiom shriver-


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She has felt series of heartaches,

A lot of drama, here and there.

She was waiting for him

To comfort her, to love her.


He kissed her head, knelt on one knee;

‘You are the light of my world,

The one who filled the hole in my heart,

Most especially, the love of my life.’


But he never rescued her.

Time to wake up, reality is calling her.

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The Apothecary

Located  deep within the bounteous and 
fruitful Ambrosia of my medullas' oblongata,
resides my naked imagination 
  -Feast you on my Dreams 
and tighten your meaty fist
around your delicate golden spoon.
 -Inflame you on my embers
your passion 
purged like the immortal icor
now webbing through your dry veins..
Till the sapless shroud collapses
and scatters into the dry desert sand.

a blind and thoughtless tongue
forages recklessly across
your chin..
the last drop
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The Commencement

  Certainly do not want to waste any space
in my precious notebook of chicken scratch
ramblings of an incoherent nature
Oh sweet fool of the great lustrous nothing.
nothing better to do of this numbing slumber.
Come...we take to the pen..
on blizzard eve nightfall 
drunken parchment binge 
soak me of this pigmented fluid 
deep into the crooked knotty veins
of this byproduct of our imminent deforestation..
Hypnotic ejaculate of brainwindow 
mouth projector 
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Pen A Tin Cherry

Have you slipped a cog? 

Do your gears grind? 
Are you not right?
Are you not firing on all cylinders?
Has your Goat been Gotten?
  Was the Sacrificial Lamb of Imagination
on sale for 50 cents a pound that day?
  Was Clarity of Mind picked clean
by the time you reached the rummage
sale of Purpose?
  Has your Train of Thought de-railed
and went over the edge 
hitting every branch of Broken Reason 
on the way down,
only to sink to the Ocean Floor of
  Did you then make every attempt 
to rebuild that train
with the rusty tools of Mediocrity, 
only to realize what you re-assembled was
the equivalent of stanzas of Mechanical Gibberish?
  Have you stubbed brain-toe
on the wooden leg of the chair of Profound Vision, 
only to visualize foot-in-mouth does not taste 
anywhere as bad as it sounds?
  Have you ever been diagnosed with 
Incontinence of the Mind, which is only any fun
if you've already been diagnosed with 
Diarrhea  of the Mouth? 
Have you been caught forging Checks
of Inspiration and found guilty 
in the Court of Flaw, and sentenced to 
serve time in the Penitentiary  of 
Useless Contemplation? 
Locked away
Bars barricading a 
bleak ramshackle brain.
Prisoner of mind.
  and then you hear the sound of a shofar 
A grand vision.
The city limits,
on the cellular level; 
an anthill.
Abandoning the colony 
for a crumb.
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My Dream Lover

Oh the intractable love I have for you!

Daily my heart yearns for thee,

To feel the touch of your lips caressing mine,

The scent of your perfume ever so lingering,

Your touch gently embracing me.


To taste the fruits of your love garden,

To sip the wine from your sweet, flowing stream is but a delight.


I see you in my dreams,


You rouse my most perverse thoughts!

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