A Dream/Your Ass, The Monolith

I woke upright, on Covington streets --
fully-clothed and coherent, to my pleasant surprise.
Eyes opened slow; took in the sun...
Safe to assume it's morning with the crispness to the air.
Hadn't taken many steps when you
formed to material, nude and tattooed, and tended to
by a team of designers in tandem
who would not allow you to take a step without having
every variable considered.
I couldn't be sure, lest not for brands,
which dot every curve and ruin you concisely. But then,
I know you well, parts of you rather;
made more apparent by the wings scarred into each shoulder.
If will was mine - were you for taking,
you would have been taken without pause for considering.
But something in your posture said
that you were there on Main Street, as chosen by the void
who hung in black, skyward long,
issuing orders for positions to take beneath risen day,
making damn sure you stay beneath him.

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Dream of Death

What is and what is not
equal the reality of the
dream of life and death.
We as humans know nothing
beyond life, what lies in
death in our minds is only
a reflection of our lives.
we refuse to believe that there
will be only nothingness...

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My Dream within a dream

"Do you know how to dream? I do not mean to want, or to lust for desire. Yet to truly dream, allowing your mind to take you places you had never known to exsist. Letting go of the ego that is your basic personality. Where reality is but just an Illusion, This body you see before you is but just a dream. The ego hides our soul, pure energy on the truest scale. To me this is the dream within a dream."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a lil quote that popped into my head.


Faster and Faster

The concrete scraping against my bare feet.
They're bleeding now, raw and bruised.
My hair is running away, behind me.
Heart pounding,

I stop.
My hair stops.

Somewhere in the cold, icy air, I can feel your breath on me.
A cold shiver
Down my spine

One step, two step.
My legs won't work anymore.
Barely breathing
I stand still, quiet.
Eyes closed.

Your breath stops in a deafening silence.
My eyes open,
I'm all alone.


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I dreamed I was a summer's flower
Swaying in the wind
I dreamed a child picked me
My petals were strewn one by one
I dreamed my stress was falling away
I was one with the world again

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Quiet Thoughts on a Lonely Night

You fell asleep lying next to poetry.
I brushed the hair behind your ear
to whisper.
My presence startled you, but dreaming began.

I could feel your torpid episodes as if
they were my own.

I dared to enter your slumber and discovered beauty.
Prior, I laid myself down in curiosity
to find where the beautiful minds had withdrawn,
but understood only unremitting monotony.

Now, I delve into the deepest depths of beauty,
stumbling upon only creativity, originality.

Your mind is divine, but now I lie outside,
waiting for love of mine.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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No comment

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I am...

A lover,
a dreamer,
a don't-stop-believer;
A helper,
a friend,
a firm outstretched hand.
I'm crazy-
But I'm loving the game.
Getting lost
in the day
going the right way;
With my feet
on the ground
I walk to my heart's sound.
I'm living
by dying
without even trying.
I have only
one fear,
yet shed many a tear.
But I'll keep
my heart true
and keep searching for you.

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Another Letter to Angelis

Drunk on the wine of lust and romance
I yearn to bring you to life
My perfect prince
Riding in on waves of sleep
To meet me in my dreams

You cure me of these cold nights
And of the nightmares that accompany them
Warm my bedsheets with warm hands
And hot breath
Wet, sweet kisses on my lips...
Down my neck...

I'll build you from tear stains and blood drops
Sew you together with pieces of my tattered heart
Paint your hair black,
And your eyes the lightest blue,
Skies for me to drown in...

My god... I'm drowning.
I'm... I...
I see you...
Yes! I trace your outline with my fingers
As water fills my lung
I breathe you in and suffocate

I gasp for air
And wake up sweating
Panting and clinging to my blanket
I close my eyes
And curse my lungs for the air they breathe

I almost had you...

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Whispers in the Rain

Alone I sit in the dark
watching the rain roll down the trees
watching the water streams down the window
no sound except the pitter patter of droplets

I see your face but with no memory of a name
I hear your voice but with no sound to know
a simple whisper of a promise echoes in my mind
a slight touch on my shoulder that I should know

But the whispers of this memory I have long held
escape my mind and slip away
The rain is heavier as the night grows
The silence of the room comforts me

The hand I felt at one time felt real
like an event, but quickly vanishes
Another whisper of a promise but fades
Tears roll down my emotionless face

It hurts, it hurts so much. This thought.
This memory of a man I don't know
This reminder of a promise hurts
The warm palm that lay on my shoulder is gone

I'm left with the cold and bitterness
I see your face again, but I am alone.
Your promise I remember
No, my promise I remember

To not do what you fear
To remember who I am
To forget the hatred in my heart
But i lied, I lied and

I killed you.

my love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not sure what caused me to write this. As you can see it's been way too long since I lost wrote any poems. Hope it's as enjoyable as my other poems.

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