*The Joys In Being With You*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Now I have bluer skies 
When I am with you its a thrill 
I love looking into your eyes 
Your touch gives me a chill 


The right kiss it never misses 
The joys in being with you 
Absorbing the hugs and kisses 
I cant find anyone else more true 


The joys in being with you 
Hanging out 
Holding one another 
If people only knew 
It's like magic when we're together 


The joys in being with you 
Just being in your arms 
Someone who's so honest and true 
I love your special charm 


I love all the joys of being with you



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I Have A Dream

I have a dream that I might forget what I have learned

In so that I might remember the silence from where I came,

I have a dream that I might touch the heavens, the same,

I have a dream that in calloused hands,

I hold the stars that caress the blackened skies,

And wipe the tears from every eye,

To mend the shattered bits of efforts past,

Fallen fast, on deafened ears,

I have a dream, it lurks, it leers,

In blackened hearts the stakes are thrust,

The loathsome plunge is cast, the taste is sweet to devil's tongues,

I have dream, that soars above these devilish rungs,

That hold the secretness and fears,

And cry the reticence of joy's return beyond the gloom,

I have a dream,

I have a dream.


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