Every night I dream of you

I see your face come shining through

the misty clouds that fill my brain

you are the sun that dries the rain

you bring a smile to my face

as you take me to a place

of sheer joy, happiness and love

the kind ordained by heaven above 



I see our life together as one

I see the birth of our baby son

I see us together taking on the world

I see the first steps of our little girl

I see the purpose you brought to my life

I see you being proud of your little wife

I see the ring you placed on my hand

I see our love spreading across the land


Bedtime is my favorite part of the day

because I know in my dreams you find a way

to move past the obstacles keeping us apart

I find a way to become secure in your heart

You’ll awaken a passion in me no one else has

I’ll show you devotion you never found in the past

Together we will have a life of sheer bliss

I know in my dreams I can have this wish 



Exploring every inch of your body is my right

Something I get to do every single night

As soon as I lay my head down and close my eyes

There is nothing but perfection – no worries, no lies

No other women to come between us

No men on the side trying to cause a fuss

At night the only ones who exist are you and me

It’s then that my desires can truly run free 



But all too soon the sun does rise

I wake with a smile that meets a quick demise

I lay in my bed, so lonely, empty, cold

realizing again the story’s yet to unfold

but the key word in my mind, in my heart is YET

I know it’s coming to fruition – on that I will bet

I know it’s only a matter of time before you come to me

and the rest of our lives will be spent as WE

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