The Wavy Leaves

I was on the 1st floor,

The moment I came out of the door,

I had the mobile phone in my hand,

Like hypnotism I was struck at that split second!


Yes an element of nature did mesmerize me,

It was the leaves of an unknown tree,

The wind was playing with them at ease,

 As if they were the piano-keys!


I kept looking at the wavy flow of the leaves,

I felt like someone loaded my heart with celestial bliss!

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*The Colors Of Nature*


 Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins


The color of all the leaves when they change 

For when they get ready for winter 

Where all the animals get arranged 

And you trying to get out that wood splinter

For the winters snow will begin to fall 

When the insects go into hiding 

You know they heard the colds call 

Watching all the animals deciding


All the colors of nature 

Change the look of everything 

All the leaves color the pasture 

All the beauty that nature has to bring 

In the kids hearing all their laughter 

A calm sound when the nature sings


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*Ode To A Big Tall Colorful Tree*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


A big tall colorful tree

Just standing in a pool of color

For all to see


One by one

Colorful leaves start to slowly fall

And have their final rest

On the ground

The lay silently without a sound

Until kids come by to have a ball

With all the awesome leaves

That they have found

In their minds they still can't believe

On how beautiful big and round the tree stands


The kids make big piles

And jump in the leaves laughing

Throwing them in the air

On their backs now relaxing without a care

As the leaves fall back down

Brushing against their face

All these came from a tree with bark so brown

Waving its branches at its own pace


This tree has big strong arms

When you step back with amazement 

Or swinging on that handmade swing

Your heartbeat is racing with alarm

While listening to the birds sing

You capture the joyment

The tree has to give

It may be old 

But this tree still has long to live


A couple sits down

By the big tall colorful tree

Everyone in town

Sees the beauty of what may be 

The lives that it has seen

From a childs life to becoming an adult

Just imagen the tree came from a nut


The couple sits

And just stares peacefully

Relaxing a long side the tree


As years past

This big tall colorful tree

People are amazed on what they see

Hopeing and wishing that this tree will last

As beautiful as it may be 




Mulberry Green

Mother Earth

Mulberry Green

user img


The mulberry tree

drops green leaves

Frost snapped, no

age rainbows

they'll receive


-saiom shriver-



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Bow-Tie Naked

pinch hard,

the uncut-floor,

give hydrogen to a brother,


put it up for sale,

pleasure plastic,


stow-away hid on a dream-ship,

give a free ride,

play for awhile,

duke it out with dull teeth,

duke it out with knife leaves

blow up a balloon


stretching silver sweet


Go for it i guess

get out on the moutain and come down

filter while we figure-out frowns

bow-tie naked

make the party fun

un-tied blue free










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Floating through the air,

Travelers that travel the world,

They see more than I.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this a little bit ago, while the leaves where still falling from the trees and floating down gracefully!

Please let me know what you think!!

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Fall Song


Winter comes

To ice over my heart

Gone is my sunshine

My only sunshine

Summer is past

Our prime behind

Fall is here

And I strike the earth

“What goes up

Must come down”

And “what goes around

Comes around”

But as the leaves change

And fall to the ground

Someday you’ll fall

In my arms again

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Uncertainty in Normality

I walk through leaves
To stolen storms
Where green is not an option
I want to see the powder stream down
And paste the sidewalk frozen
The towers above me I do not fear
I have come here many a year
To places so familiar
I am home
Lights of brightness and of snow
I spread my wings and land on a cement rainbow
Grey for streets that never end
Yellow lines instructing you to keep to the path you choose
A palate of colors
That are always knowing
If I walked by you
Yes you that billboard there
Would you remember when I was here 3 years ago with my father?
Seeing my first staged production?
Or do you remember the summer after
When I went running forever through the streets
Looking for the cast of a television show
That no longer gives me laughter
I change with the seasons
I become different yet the same when it snows
When I enter the steel garden
I remember what has been
And I am never quite sure if I should be happy that it has been
Or sad that it can no longer happen the way it once did?

Autumn Leaves Of Gold (Leaves, Gold, Autumn)

The sky is a clear blue
leaves blow gently in the breeze,
Fall does take its toll
as leaves fall with ease.

Reds, oranges, yellows, and gold
leaves being blown everywhere,
cold days are certainly coming
the trees will be naked and bare.

Swaying in the wind
tree branches bend and bow,
not looking forward to the cold night
watching the sunset's evening glow.

Clouds of purples, pinks and reds
reflect the sun's radiant beams,
the moon is ready to smile
its light gives a brilliant gleam.

Autumn was slow to arrive
nights are starting to get cold,
I enjoy this time of year
looking at Autumn leaves of gold.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a picture, that I took, that goes along with this poem. That's what inspired me to write this.