Banks of the Amazon

Ugonna Wachuku 


On sustainability, climate change action,   

renewal of earth's environment, corporate

social responsibility, energy efficiency, 

responsible global trade and abiding 

nature conservation for beloved

humankind's survival: 


Life will continue her journey
on the dream's path. She will
take along every purity from
the earth. Every root shall be
moved for life through nature.


The dream has come to the land.
You shall ever know the love
from my soul to help humankind 

take sustainable action on this 

threatening climate change, 



From bountiful banks of the
Amazon, I shall rise for the
voyage. I shall take with me
fresh fishes for new
beginnings. Trees of the
jungle will bow in
admiration and care

for earth's soil and

blood humankind.  


The dream shall kiss this
river in a subtle show of
universal love. On the face
of the Parana, the dream shall
glitter to let everyone know
the love that we share.


This spirit of the Amazon shall
take me to the breath-taking
height of precious Pico da
Bandeira. Then, let me know
what you think of the dream's
soul for earth's renewal, forever.


Cherish a whole life of oneness
across the land. Let love light
the dream's torch in the morning
of darkness and uncertainty from

this climate change on humankind's

enchanting earth home.


Let every eye see its the dream's

flame in the heart of Brasillia and

across the world. From the land's

depth, let Rio de Janeiro beat

drums for a Samba of peace and

love to let humankind conquer

this climate change, threatening.


Let time and seas of life kiss
the love of my being on the coast
of Sao Paulo. Let your soul
experience the dream's lovely joy
on the yearning lands of Salvador.


Let love and hope
dine with us in
Thecife for












Let the banks of
the Amazon and
Niger bloom and
glow for life

for climate 



Arise Sir Knight and Be My Love


In maiden dream I pass the night
Where man fought man with all his might
Where armoured man rode armoured steed
And chivalry was word and deed

Beneath the stars and near the lake
I waited for my love to wake
Each night we'd meet by the brook
I'd pause a moment to take a look

And there beneath the starry skies
On earth's fresh grass, my love lies
I gaze upon his handsome face
Desiring to be no other place

In silence I watch as my knight rests
Upon tender grass he has made our nest
I slip from my spot behind a tree
Beside him now on bended knee

I reach down, his face to touch
That strong, set jaw I love so much
My hand, I run, along his chest
At his waist my hand does rest

For with a stretch he begins to rise
And I look into clear, blue eyes
Gazes meet and with a smile
My heart begins to pound ere while

Tis no other place I'd rather be
Than all alone, my knight and me
For with my knight, I've found true love
That rivals brightness from above

In words whispered and secrets shared
To my dear knight, my heart lay bared
I gave him all I had to give
Yet only here our love can live

For with the stars came my knight
To be gone by morning light
So before the sun can rise above
Come, Sir Knight, and be my love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Every young woman dreams of her Knight in Shining Armor...

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