Darkened Eyes'

Just a thought!

Where the darkness ends, a soul begins

trapped within your eyes
A depth so deep only goblins creep
In a world of festering lies
A tale conceived, you've been deceived
from another' s heartless cleanse
Only fear and mistrust through jaded lust
lurks behind a darkened lens.

Defiled and impure you seek the allure

of another soul's contention

In a chaotic dance, you elicit romance...

for a reign in Hell's ascension.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Decided to take a trip on "The Dark side"Tongue Out

I Have A Dream

I have a dream that I might forget what I have learned

In so that I might remember the silence from where I came,

I have a dream that I might touch the heavens, the same,

I have a dream that in calloused hands,

I hold the stars that caress the blackened skies,

And wipe the tears from every eye,

To mend the shattered bits of efforts past,

Fallen fast, on deafened ears,

I have a dream, it lurks, it leers,

In blackened hearts the stakes are thrust,

The loathsome plunge is cast, the taste is sweet to devil's tongues,

I have dream, that soars above these devilish rungs,

That hold the secretness and fears,

And cry the reticence of joy's return beyond the gloom,

I have a dream,

I have a dream.


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