Monthly Archive for October 2008

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Untitled Sex Poem Poem psychoticbeauty Oct 1st
ringing in my ear Poem steelrunner confusion Oct 1st
How to Save a Life Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Oct 1st
It Hurts Afterwards, Only Afterwards Poem thelohaspiral Oct 1st
TWO SIDES Poem ltsaunders Oct 1st
THE WEB Poem ltsaunders Oct 1st
CRY Poem ltsaunders 1 Oct 1st
FINDING MY WAY OUT OF SIN Poem ltsaunders Oct 1st
SEARCHING Poem ltsaunders Oct 1st
"Recycle Infinite" Poem The1TrueMojo Space & Time Oct 1st
"Induced Fume Euphoria" Poem The1TrueMojo Abstract Oct 1st
By Which We Live And Die Poem lyrycsyntyme Life/Living Oct 1st
In Love With Lovin You Poem psychoticbeauty lesbian love Oct 1st
When the War is Over Poem dakotadarkhorse Oct 1st
No Future Poem dakotadarkhorse Oct 1st
ooo Poem dakotadarkhorse Oct 1st
Run Poem dakotadarkhorse Oct 1st
Puszy =) Poem psychoticbeauty lesbian love Oct 1st
TWICE AMID THE SILENCE Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 1st
Wonder Poem deathangelsdarkrose 2 Oct 1st
Since last night Poem geneconner2008 Oct 1st
YOUR NAME Lyubov. Poem truedreams 1 Oct 1st
EARTH CALLS FOR HELP Poem truedreams 1 Oct 1st
Space Monkeys Poem twdelano Song Lyrics Oct 1st
A letter to Sita Poem kragey 1 Feminism Oct 1st
THE DAINTY Poem truedreams Oct 1st
Unexpected Poem 41tulips Oct 1st
Warning Poem 41tulips Oct 1st
Airplanes Look Like Stars Poem lavalady 1 Oct 1st
ما أعلم و لم أعلم Poem yaramo Oct 1st
Just Thinking Poem williamjroneyiii Oct 2nd
Your Heart or Mine Poem luckystar Breaking Up Oct 2nd
To My Wife Poem psychoticbeauty lesbian love Oct 2nd
Candy Nightmares and Long Ago Fairytales Poem luckystar Oct 2nd
Forever Was So Yesterday Poem luckystar Oct 2nd
When Happily Ever After Ends Poem luckystar Hope Oct 2nd
Solitaire Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 2nd
Where the Heart Is Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 2nd
Hazy romance Poem silentdreamer1988 romance Oct 2nd
Domino Effect Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 2nd
Life on Lease Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 2nd
The Door Poem margherit Oct 2nd
Wings of The Dead Poem sacrifice Angst Oct 2nd
A Beach Scene Poem margherit Oct 2nd
Opposite Universe Poem luckystar 2 Oct 2nd
I Loved You Then Poem luckystar Missing You Oct 2nd
Words to look forward to Poem deathangelsdarkrose 1 Oct 2nd
No One but Me Poem luckystar 1 Fear Oct 2nd
I wrote these words for you Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
A Midsummer Night's Dream...Came True Poem luckystar Pain/Sorrow Oct 2nd
Say It Once a Thousand Times Poem luckystar Breaking Up Oct 2nd
Alive and Awake Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Everything To ME Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
MR. FAGA IN THE CRYPT Poem truedreams Oct 2nd
Again and Again Poem luckystar Pain/Sorrow Oct 2nd
Watching, Waiting Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
All the Ways Poem luckystar sadness Oct 2nd
LOOK UPON Poem badmistaman Oct 2nd
Song Numbered Zero Poem luckystar 1 Goodbye Oct 2nd
Questions Poem luckystar Breaking Up Oct 2nd
Tears Must Not Be Enough Poem luckystar Oct 2nd
Number Eleven Poem luckystar Oct 2nd
My Warmth Poem luckystar romance Oct 2nd
Untitled -- 10.1.2008 Poem luckystar love Oct 2nd
an ether avenue Poem 9inety 1 Oct 3rd
My don’t ask don’t pal Poem ozzypoemgirl Oct 3rd
Sketchpad Poem Poem Ailihporcen Abstract Oct 3rd
Knights and Hero's Poem ChryWizard Oct 3rd
Untitled -- 10.3.2008 Poem Ailihporcen Oct 3rd
Darkness Intertwined Poem Ailihporcen 1 Song Lyrics Oct 3rd
acid predictions Poem juliothegreat Oct 3rd
Last Breath Poem deathangelsdarkrose Oct 3rd
September Remember Poem dhicks01 Oct 3rd
Faithfulness Poem greenmeadow 2 Oct 3rd
RELEASE Poem pikurpoison Oct 3rd
Lord, as you whisper Poem jesusmyjoy Oct 3rd
wanna bees Poem mylovep0etry Oct 3rd
My Eulogy of Death Poem ChryWizard Oct 3rd
Expiration Date Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 3rd
Selective Memory Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 3rd
Sirens of the Sea (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Oct 3rd
Coin Flip Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 3rd
Mirage of the Broken Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Oct 3rd
Breaking Ties (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Oct 3rd
Walking away Poem pikurpoison 1 obsession Oct 3rd
My Friend, A Soldier Poem luckystar 1 death Oct 3rd
2 Questions Poem wemni Oct 3rd
Grave of Gravity Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 3rd
One or the Other Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 3rd
Pushing Daisies Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 3rd
Dear Dad Poem ChryWizard Oct 3rd
Candles & Wine (EROTIC) Poem ChryWizard 1 adult, Cuddling, erotic, love, romantic, sex Oct 3rd
Butterfly Shadows Poem ChryWizard 1 Oct 3rd
A God I can't see Poem ChryWizard Faith, God, Jesus, Religious, spiritual Oct 3rd
a complicated search Poem mylovep0etry Oct 3rd
The one Mom warned me about Poem ChryWizard Oct 4th
PATHS TAKEN, AND YET TAKEN Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 4th
AN ODE TO HER HUSBAND Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Oct 4th
alone Poem link Oct 4th
MY TURN Poem elle_graw 1 Oct 4th
Padam Padam (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Oct 4th
" I Am A Cold Chicken Nugget" Poem bendergender Oct 4th
His Funeral, Her Birthday Poem dakotadarkhorse Oct 4th
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Oct 4th
TIMES LIKE THESE Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Oct 4th
Triumph Over Man Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 4th
Where has love gone? Poem ChryWizard 1 Oct 4th
coplainig banks Poem catherine Oct 4th
The Cowboy Poem life_used_to_be... Oct 5th
Trying to thinking it as always! Poem ozzypoemgirl Oct 5th
Napolm Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Oct 5th
Save me Poem nighthawk21 Oct 5th
I Have Never Felt Like This Before Poem passionate_poet Music/Musician Oct 5th
My Flag Poem life_used_to_be... Oct 5th
I could never hurt you Poem passionate_poet love Oct 5th
Broken body in a Broken World Poem sacrifice Abstract Oct 5th
My Sister Poem rlbstar1 sadness Oct 5th
Someone Poem greeny Oct 6th
I am what you need Poem greeny Oct 6th
Wake Up Poem dakotadarkhorse Oct 6th
Exchange Your Strings for Schedules Poem Sivus Culture/Society Oct 6th
The Castle of Your Limbic Poem magic8ballslie Human Nature Oct 6th
Let me in Poem xXx_Arsenic_xXx Oct 6th
Yesterday's fool Poem xXx_Arsenic_xXx Oct 6th
Who Poem vatchejames Oct 6th
Downtrodden Poem greeny Oct 6th
Dreadful cramps Poem ozzypoemgirl Oct 6th
Out of Our Control Poem nickchig Oct 6th
(Her) Happiness Poem dakotadarkhorse Oct 6th
There for you Poem greeny Oct 6th
I still didn’t get what I want Poem greeny Oct 6th
Mess up! Poem greeny Oct 6th
Blinded Poem greeny Oct 6th
So True and Sweet Poem greeny Oct 6th
No longer Slave Poem greeny Oct 6th
How does it feel Poem greeny Oct 6th
What True Love Is! Poem passionate_poet 1 Soul mates Oct 6th
Grounded(la femme nikita) Poem greeny Oct 6th
a little game Poem 9inety 1 Oct 6th
We Know Your Name Poem dakotadarkhorse Oct 6th
He's Got Soul! Poem captain Oct 7th
The credit crunch. (I told you so) Poem bendergender Oct 7th
Wish Poem seatellite Pain/Sorrow Oct 7th
Squeezed Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 7th
تحرر حرف Poem yaramo Oct 7th
My Sweet Angel in Disguise Poem berrigurl death Oct 7th
The Gift of Life Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Oct 7th
Confinement Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 7th
Conflict Makers Poem jgupta Oct 7th
Autumn Thoughts Poem phil_carcione 2 Oct 7th
love is invented Poem 9inety Oct 7th
The people i thought I knew Poem ozzypoemgirl Oct 7th
My Father's Golf Clubs Poem dino 1 Memories Oct 7th
غَرَقْ Poem yaramo Oct 7th
A silhouette of a shadow of a shell Poem ruth_x_less 1 Oct 7th
Seesaw Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 8th
AN IDEA OF WINE Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 8th
Comatose Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 8th
THE EMPTINESS YAWNS Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 8th
Memory Foam (Rewrite) Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 8th
Reflection 2 Poem thatgirlfromphilly Soul mates Oct 8th
Adventurous Poem perception Human Nature Oct 8th
Fire Poem deathangelsdarkrose Oct 8th
Manner of Speaking Poem jonfeb Song Lyrics Oct 8th
Exercising My Mouth Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Oct 8th
Care Poem deathangelsdarkrose Oct 8th
melting time Poem tanyatee Space & Time Oct 8th
Two Pieces of Thread Poem eyesofsociety Oct 8th
Won't I get Another Chance!!! Poem ruizerick2001 Oct 8th
bloody noon Poem insane Oct 8th
echoes beyond time Poem 9inety Oct 8th
Skin Deep Poem forgeteden 2 Oct 8th
I (do not Exist) Poem eyesofsociety Oct 8th
SHE LIVES WITHIN HER Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Oct 8th
nobody would trade Poem ozzypoemgirl Oct 8th
SMOKE AND BLUR Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 8th
Umm Poem thatgirlfromphilly Fantasies Oct 8th
Never More Poem sansiro Oct 9th
Pendulum Ride Poem greeny Oct 9th
Fool Poem deathangelsdarkrose Oct 9th
paranoid Poem greeny 3 Oct 9th
Evening With the Birds Poem life_used_to_be... Oct 9th
The Grass Spoke So Green Poem wishful_thinking Oct 9th
blood song Poem juliothegreat Oct 9th
A Person's Flow is a Person's Signature Poem Sivus Acceptance Oct 9th
WORLD IN MY PALM Poem truedreams Oct 9th
HER SILHOUETTE Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Oct 9th
Wrapped Poem greeny 1 Oct 9th
The Great Perhaps Poem beautifulpain 1 Oct 9th
Butterflies and Moths Poem poetry_freak Oct 9th
IT WAS ANGER , NOT YOU Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 9th
So far so good! Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Oct 9th
We Almost (Almost Isn't Enough) Poem dakotadarkhorse Oct 9th
Everything I Hate Poem exquisite_dysfu... Abuse Oct 9th
The Sun (does not Exist) Poem eyesofsociety Oct 9th
Techno Love -No Change Poem poetry_freak Oct 9th
Asleep with open eyes Poem MatthewWayne inspiration Oct 9th
Issues Poem ruthybird12 Oct 9th
Buckeye Emotions Poem poetry_freak Oct 9th
Last Song for Soulmate Poem dakotadarkhorse Oct 10th
I Wish I was Jaded Poem Sivus Bittersweet Oct 10th
2007 was the year of hardships Poem cherry_blossom Oct 10th
"Gin, War, & Velvet" Poem The1TrueMojo Abstract Oct 10th
كأنه حبّ Poem yaramo Oct 10th
A Quotation from Dr. Seuss Poem bluewave 1 Oct 10th
cuddling Poem elliot_jordan2003 Abstract Oct 10th
Feeding The Idea Of God Poem life_used_to_be... Oct 10th
A Home For Our Hearts Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 10th
Fireproof Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 10th
Musings Poem woodhose2000 Oct 10th
Sonnet-19 (Perpetual Question) Poem shawon1982 youth Oct 10th
At Josephus' Discomfort Poem JVersed Oct 10th
Fade Away Poem deadpoet986 Oct 10th
Are fun together Poem dolpin6 Oct 10th
My life Poem dolpin6 1 Oct 10th
Does Poem dolpin6 Oct 10th
used Poem dolpin6 Oct 10th
I'm Sorry Poem dolpin6 Oct 10th
Life Poem dolpin6 Oct 10th
Tug-Of-War Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 10th
my love for you Poem dolpin6 Oct 10th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
shrouding beauty Poem steelrunner Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
Migrant Mother Poem lyrycsyntyme Reality Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
FALSE OR TRUE Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
PRISMATIC PHASE Poem emmenay Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
SOFTLY Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 11th
جملة مجتزأة... من إحدى الأوراق Poem unrulyspring Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
PthirtysixP Whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater. Poem charlax7 Culture/Society Oct 11th
INSIDE ME Poem truedreams Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
Untitled -- 10.11.2008 Poem mageickone Oct 11th
Original Thought Poem demented_irishman Articles Oct 11th