Yesterday's fool

Parts of me

Hung onto so many memories,
now wondering which were true.

The past chains me,
always a shadow over my head,
I can't seem to escape.

I used to believe in love,
that it would all work out in the end,
bitterness clouds my heart.

Some guys I've loved,
were any of them real,
or just infatuation on fire?

Loved and lost,
still struggling on,
keep my chin up.

I once thought I'd never find true love,
that it'd just pass me by,
still waiting for it to find me.

I once thought that love was blind,
fierce, unstoppable,
could win any battle.

I gave myself to love so freely,
believed the best, gave all I had,
only to get my heart back in shattered pieces.

I once believed people could change,
that they were good inside,
now, after seeing so much darkness,
violation and emptiness,
I see nothing the same anymore.

I once believed in promises,
now they mean nothing, just empty words.

I once wished, chased distant dreams,
now those stars just pass me by.

I miss the innocence, the faith,
the beauty I once saw.

I'll always remember,
but will I ever believe,
or will I remain yesterday's fool?

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