I call your name time to time

i roll your name to dome

where i would win your name

your name is sweeter than honey

your name is shooting star

underrating other stars

your name is higher than earth

your name swims under the river

bewitching the tadpoles

your name is spring

dominates mississippi river

your name jumps into forest

plucks most beautiful mango

and scare forest king

your name flys into the market

catches juicy flavour

your name dives up sky

brings rain bucket

your name rolls into rinket

picks silver ring

your name is night breeze

cools in the fresh night

your name decorates top of sky

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greeny's picture

Thank you so much, you really rocked my name,:) ..
i would really appreciate it my whole life, first time someone give a meaning(s) for my name.. i love it!!

well, sorry for not messaging u last time, cuz i'm so deppress this following days, i'm gonna tell you in time..
it's not that critical just emotional.. :) .. Ged Bless Me.. i just hope that this online friendship we had will always remain..

anyway, i'm gonna try to make one for you too,. i'll just post it.. and dude, if you wanna know more 'bout my personality, just read under the "it's personal,oh me section" that serves as my diary and am gonna post more 'bout the lastest nowadays, hehe, i hope u have one too, for me to learn more about you.

your really rocked my name!!!


this is rein, signing off!!
keep up dude.
GodBless and Take Care..