Asleep with open eyes

Volume Two

Through our human nature

we all search for our own saviour

with beating hearts, and bleeding veins

disconnected from a world that seems so strange

Will you ever wake up, asleep with open eyes

will you see the murder, the weapon of lies

It's a war for your mind, they hope you never wake

with a government thats on the take

whipping your backs until you brake

comatosed into servitude

It's a battle with a hidden prelude

your asleep with your eyes wide open

your ignorance becomes the final nail in your coffin

Their education is the tool for their propaganda

chaining us to their final miranda

men who believe they are above the law

a monarchy of gods held back by their own flaws

mortal men, within mortal skin

The end is not far off in the distant future

No immortality, no miracle cure

No heaven, No hell just this wasteland

will you walk with me, will you take my hand

will you speak out, will you awake

pulling the veil from your eyes before it's to late

take back your life, your very soul

and take from them all their control

I will never bow before a king I'll never see

for this is my life, and I shall die free

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