Let me in


I try to reach you,
ladder never goes close enough,
still I can't grasp your hand.

I try to talk to you,
shouting through fierce winds,
can you even hear me?

I try to smile, try to meet your gaze,
forget the past, ignore what I'm feeling,
but my thoughts always spin, thoughts of you,
that I can't seem to block out.

I try to be your friend,
the sister I once was,
but you still shut the door.

Never know what to say,
exactly how to respond,
do you ever notice,
that my smile doesn't quite reach my eyes?

Watch you with our daughter,
the one good thing in my life,
knowing you're finally there,
that she means something to you.

Writing a letter to you,
crumble it up, it doesn't matter,
those words are meaningless.

Can still remember the small things,
that once hurt so much,
the pain is gone, lost on the wind.

The scars of our past,
I can never ignore,
but they don't matter anymore.

I want to be there for you,
to see that smile, the impish look in your eyes,
when will you stop fighting me,
when will you let me in?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/t: mike

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