Airplanes Look Like Stars


I wanted to be floating so I could look down on us. The perfect

Peace and comfort we cast off into the autumn-tinged night air.

Our conversation drifting out into the mica tipped forests,

Melting into the ebony skies and our laughter splattered the


The woods weren't so dark when you kissed my cheek that

Way, when your over-worked, calloused hand slipped up my back

And I began to daydream in the night. We looked at airplanes

in the sky and were thankful out loud to be on the ground. I

Felt my face shimmer when you whispered I love you.

It was a magical place with your mystified gaze.

And I loved you too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Rich 10/1/2008

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That's beautiful, and thank you for your comment :)