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Davenport ,Oklahoma

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reading, writing, listening to music, hanging out with my bff Most of the time I just write what comes to mind, thought sometimes some of what my poems say are true. Some times I write because I feel calm or at peace. But most of the time I write because I feel like....well the only way I can think of to put it is that I feel like me. I feel happy and able to get my feelings onto paper. Though I do write a lot you must understand some of what I write isn't about me. I just thought that I would tell you that because I have got some comments on some of my work where people thought it was me. Though some are about me there are some that are not. Sorry if that is confusing but I just thought I would tell you guys.

About My Navel

Hmm..... what about my navel, well there's not really anything special about it, it's the same one I have had for my whole life. It's an innie. Well there's not much to say about it, it's my navel it's an innie and that is about it. See like I said nothing special about it.

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I can't remember this one either. When I find it I will put it on here.


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