I don't know what do do anymore.  where once i was loved, now I am hated! whear their was warmth has turned bitter cold.  the life I once took for granted has now died a quiet

death, alone and desolate.  my ocean is a dry seabed of salt.   now I love with no return my every move is wrong, my every word is a foringe tongue.  My head and my heart both spin out from the darkness.  How can I be so close to someone  yet galaxies apart. The woman I call my wife once charished me, now stabs me with her every word, they are sharp, like a knife a dubble edged sword cutting into me deep.  nothing I would do nothing I would say or hight I may go or depth plunge to bring that might bring her back to me again.  oh my God I beg you. heal my life, touch me.  most of all have mercy on me.

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